Lo0king for the p@$$w0rd? WoNder!nG why the bl0g is pr0tected?

You see this blog is my journal. My escape. My retreat. Here are my most inner thoughts; things that amuse me, wanderings of thoughts, my belifes, my bitching, my deepest secrets. I started this journey of rants and raves with but I had to move from there because too many people I knew from my “real” life were reading and after a while it got a bit scary. The only comfort I had when I moved to wordpress was that if ever required I could protect my posts. A few stalkers did find me but I still continued writing but now the time has come for jummy bear to finally go “underground”.

So what’s the deal you ask?
If your already my “blog buddy”, then lucky you! Just leave me a comment here and I’ll email you back with goodies. You’ve been there for me and I love you and want you to please please pleaaasseeee stay with me. I need you.

If you’re a new reader first you need to fit the bill. Here’s how:
1. You should not be my relative. That’s a complete no-no. There’s no grey areas here.
2. You should not know me in “real”.
If you’re my friend, you already know most of this and sometimes I write things I don’t tell you too. Nasty stuff about you 😛 Only joking. Don’t be such a loser if you already know me. Get a life.
You may know me but that doesn’t meant I consider you close enough to confide in you. Get the hint.
3. You should not be a psycho nutty looking for someone to preach what you don’t practice (or maybe you do…) sorry I’m not interested. I already have enough of that at home and seriously the whole point of this being a getaway is lost.

If you don’t qualify, I’m really sorry. Tough shit.

If your answer to all of the above is in the negative then here’s the next step.
Drop me a line on and tell me about yourself. Like your “real name” and where your from for starters and what other blogs you frequent…see this is a really personal blog so I must know I can trust you. I guarantee absolute confidence. In return for trusting me I will trust you with my soul. Maybe not immediately…but soon…like after I visit the blogs you comment on and am satisfied I don’t know you…! I know I’m being completely anal…but hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

Sounds fair I think. Yup. Sure does.

Lots of XOXOs
Aunty Jummy

P.S.: If you have mailed me and I haven’t replied for some reason, just leave a comment here letting me know!


14 responses to “pr0tect!0n?

  1. neelz

    hii jummy …
    can i please read ur blog ???
    i fit in the criteria u described above …
    1 – m not ur relative … 😀
    2 – i dun know any one named jummy in my frnd circle … so dats how i can say u aint my frnd … :$ ..
    3 – sachi … m not a psycho .. m a moderate human being …

    i m an engineer at a software house in karachi … 24 yrs old … n into reading blogs ALOT …

  2. khadijah

    I want the password!

    1. You should not be my relative. –> I am NOT.

    2. You should not know me in “real”. —> I DON’T.

    now send me the goodies 😀

  3. khadijah

    where is my comment ? 😦

  4. zaina786

    i’d like to send u password…where do I send it???

  5. zaina786

    its me suga

  6. I clicked on your name from your comment and ended up here with no access to read anything! I think I fit the criteria and I’m not psycho (though some may disagree)… may I please have the password? 😀

  7. Hi Jummy,

    First, what a yummy name.
    Second, I stumbled upon your blog from either samosa or haleem’s blog. Lo and behold, everything was protected. Except the post about “This made me laugh. A lot”. I was in stitches. It made me laugh so much. So I figure the rest of your posts must either be funnier, or more funnier because its you baring your soul.. which considering I’ve been doing it long enough to know can be funny shit.

    May I have the password, jummybear? let me go through your little filter mechanism here:
    1. I am not your relative. How so? I mean, I’m messed up, and you sound normal, so clearly we are not related.
    2. I don’t know you in real. For reals! I mean, I know Samosa (she can vouch for me). And you’re not Samosa for reals.. hence, errr.. um, I don’t know you.
    3. I am not a psycho looking to preach, simply because I really have nothing useful to say. Also, I have my own shit to get together, let alone meddle with others business. Also, I get preached a lot by haters in my blog, so I know the feeling of being preached by pseudopreachers (its annoying).

    Um, about me?? I can give you my password and you can get to know ALL about me! (also, I see from your links that Haleem and Samosa know some and all about me, respectively).

  8. May I have your password again? I think I acidentally deleted the email and now can’t remember, and I’ve been meaning to ask you for a long time 😀

  9. send me an email at for invite because i cant seem to find your email add anywhere!

  10. Dude, did you change your password? I can’t get in and you tagged me!


  11. hey Jummy 🙂
    Just got thru from Boba’s blog.

    I aint your relative, nor do i know you in real, AND im no psycho! I do study psychology thu 😀

    pretty please?

  12. You’ve just left 8 wonderful comments on my blog today. Does that mean you trust me enough to read your protected posts? 😀

    I don’t think we’re related (although frankly speaking, I don’t know ALL my relatives).

    Have a great day!

  13. HEY! 😀 We’ve never met either. And i don’t think i’m crazy. o_o

  14. GeekiSiddiqui

    Hey, just sent you an email 🙂

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