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As Random As Random Can Be

Right so TFL has taken it upon herself to rid me of my Writer’s Blox.
The rules are: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 16 people to be tagged.
16 people? Girl are you serious? Or are you mocking me??! I don’t even know 16 people. And I’m sure even the couple of people who did read my blog have give up on me!!
So being optimistic I tag – everyone who reads this! Muuhahahaaaa!
Being more optimistic I will take some names – Haleem, An ILLuS|On, Silent Mantra, Miss Specs, Salacious Samosa, mE, SZK and Boba!

  1. I live to eat. And I enjoy cooking equally. When I want to eat a particular dish and it’s not readily available I will go through the trouble of making it no matter how complicated it is within the same week. Food is my passion. Which is probably why I’m find it so difficult to lose the weight I’ve put on in the last year.
  2. Cooking and reading are two things that can take my mind off anything. I would have added music to this list but that has the ability to make me really nostalgic and will more often than not make me think about stupid things even more.
  3. I can pick up lyrics to songs *really* quick. I love singing along to everything I know; which is quite a bit. I’ve been told I have a good voice, but I wouldn’t stop even if I was told otherwise.
  4. I’m a clutter freak and really unorganized most of the time. I cannot part with anything I own and hence end up having tons and tons of things I don’t use/need. Which is probably why I have the most colorful interesting desk at work 🙂 *takes a bow* My daily use bag could give Santa a run for his money because what goes in my bag rarely comes out.
  5. If I buy something intending to gift it to someone and don’t end up giving it for whatever reason then I can’t ever bring myself to use it or to give it to off to anyone else. It will either reach the intended person sooner or later or it will just lie there with the rest of my clutter.
  6. I have many regrets and given another chance I would do many things differently.
  7. I want to become an interior designer at some point in my life. But I’m too lazy about it.
  8. I instantly hit it off with kids but thankfully have a good amount of control over them which makes them stay in their limits. I pamper my nieces and nephews to no end but also give them a sound kicking if they get out of line. As much as I love kids when I think about it sensibly, I don’t think I want to have any of my own. Sometimes I feel like I might want to, but fortunately common sense has prevailed until now.
  9. Most people think I’m really outgoing because I can get comfortable with people quite soon. But that’s far from the truth. I mostly enjoying lazing around at home, reading or cooking. I hate going out especially to parties or socializing in general because I don’t really like meeting people. I guess it’s just the way I was raised up. I’m the stay at home girl!
  10. I don’t like drinking too much water or any other liquid. I can go  the whole day with just a glass or two of water under normal circumstances. I prefer solid food. But I do need to have something to drink while I eat or I won’t be able to eat at all!!
  11. I am a perpetual procrastinator. Especially when it comes to cleaning up closets. If I’m lucky I do get down to doing it a few months from the time I started thinking it was necessary. But then the situation would have gotten worse though.
  12. I love squeaky clean and dry bathrooms/toilets. And cutlery. I can’t use any cutlery (even spoons or forks) when they are even slightly wet.
  13. I pick out my clothes in the morning 15 minutes before leaving to work depending on what’s the easiest thing to wear. All the better if it doesn’t need ironing. If I ever do decide to pick an outfit the previous night it always takes too long to pick and I’ll most probably change my mind in the morning anyways. So I don’t bother often.
  14. I generally don’t eat chicken if I’ve cooked it. If I’ve cleaned the chicken, then there is no way I’m going to eat it.
  15. I am allergic to dust and animal fur. But it doesn’t stop me from having pet cats. My life would be incomplete without a pet.
  16. When I was in school, I pierced the two holes at top on my left ear. On my own. I loved the sound of the silver wire piercing my cartilage. It was stupid and I’ve gotten rid of it now coz it was too painful. Instead I have a nose piercing and a belly piercing to make up. My belly piercing hasn’t healed in the 3 years that I’ve had it but I have no intentions of getting rid of it.

So there you go. Who would have thought I’d actually get down to doing this tag?! Not me!!

Now, I have that FB tag to deal with…

Seems like tags are all the rage these days!!

Speaking of which, TFL,  when do you plan on doing the Bijli tag!!?



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Blagging* Again :)

Earlier this month, my husband (I still find it really weird when I call him this :/) went to Delhi for three days for his friend’s wedding. I couldn’t go coz it was either we went to Delhi now or to Phuket in November. I picked Phuket as you can gather coz I’ve already been to India twice this year (which is SO strange coz I’m used to going like once in 2-3 years) and I couldn’t stand the thought of going again!!! Besides why would I pick a 3 days rushed vacation over 10 blissful days in Phuket? So the point is, he went and I didn’t.

I had decided I didn’t want to stay with my parents or have them over. I just wanted to be on my own. R didn’t have an issue with that so it was all good. But a day before he leaves my dad calls him and gives him this big fat lecture about how it wasn’t good for him to leave me alone at home all alone coz I was a girl (!!!!!!!!!) and quoting Islam and who knows what not! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT! My parents are so weird sometimes. So now it was about R’s image with my family but I also really wanted to be alone so we ended up telling them (lying!) that I was going to sleep over at R’s brother’s place for those 3 night. Don’t worry he’s a married man with kids so that was “approved”. It was so embarrassing telling his brother than incase my parents call (yaahhhh I wouldn’t put it past them!) he would give the same story. But I was determined to be alone that I went ahead with it. I was strangely excited about it. It was going to be like having my own place and doing my own Thaaaaang 😉 I’ve always wondered what it would be like so I wasn’t about to give in easily 🙂

And it was absolutely worth it all. I did miss R and everything but all that space and doing things I wanted to do, when I wanted to do them was AMAZING. I made the MOST of those 3 days. I went to an overnight party the first night (it was a friend’s birthday actually and I dint have any fun at ALL but it was an experience I won’t forget) and I finally met up with my friends (just the 2 of the grand total of 3 (lol…sad but true) that really matter) by myself – it’s besides the point that we were shopping for R (Anniversary coming up! Must blog about that too!)– the point is that I met them and we just talked and talked after ages. There wasn’t any restriction about time or anything. It was seriously fun. What with getting to work early and home late and sleeping in that big bed with a wild kitten I wasn’t getting much sleep. OOoooooOOOohhhh MMmmMmmYYYYYYGOD I just realized I didn’t tell you guys!!!! I got a kitten!!!! About like 3 months back!! Dammn I need to blog about her too!!! (Maybe I should make a “To Blog About” list :/)

Anyways so I was scheduled to meet TFL (after WAY too long) on day 3. I was really looking forward to it. Thing is (and I can’t remember if I told you this TFL) that R has an issue about me meeting TFL. It’s nothing personal mind you coz he’s never really met her aside from the wedding which doesn’t really count anyway. It just irks him that I know her from the blog and that she knows more about me/him/us than he does. I’ve tried to convince him that I don’t blog about personal stuff (hahaha) but he’s too smart for that one. It’s not just TFL; he’d have an issue with all of you. So that’s why I made sure to meet her while he was away. It was SUPERRR. We went for dinner (which was at my most favorrrrrite restaurant ever – I go atleast twice a month!) and then we came home and talked till 1 in the morning. It was just great.

Seriously I know that my friends and family from the “real” world don’t get it but there’s something that I share with all of you that just can’t add up with anyone else. I’ve met TFL just once before properly at the mall and it just feels like I know her forever. When we were talking that night, nothing was a miss. We just talked and talked and talked. And we GOT each other. No pretences. No uneasiness. No empty silences. It was great. *big hug TFL*

Oh I almost forgot, before we went for dinner, we had to pass by my office coz I hadn’t scanned out officially. On the way to my office, the road was BLOCKED by a TENT. Yes a Tent. Apparently there was a shaadi happening and they just decided to erect a tent in the middle of the ROAD. I can’t get over that. I couldn’t take a picture of it just then but I did the next morning (Yes TFL I DID! Lol) It’s on my phone but I’ll try uploading it later…! I can’t seem to digest it yet.

So anywho, coming back, I’ve decided I want to KNOW all of you. Whoever I can. Whenever I can.

P.S.: I realized talking to her that night, that most of my blogger friends are Paki. I just seem to get them better. Love you guys. xoxoxo

P.P.S.: WordPress needs to get with FB. I want to tag TFL!

* If you didn’t get this you are behind times!! Get with it. Don’t fret too much though, I’m behind times too, I got that thanks to Specs 😀


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Look Close

Did any once else notice the fact that the mommy has tits and that her skirt exposes…errrmm…enough said i suppose!!?


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Protected: Oceans 13 and a Cooking Spree

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Protected: Jim, Here I Come Baby

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