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So, despite the previous poll i wasn’t able to get the blog name that won. yum is no longer available because they’ve increased the limit for a blog name to four alphabets. I swear it was available when I tried earlier!!!

Anywho, the blog is up now here and I hope to see you guys there! Some of my friends along with our very own TFL are a part of this venture so there will be a variety of dishes in the future 🙂

There’s still a lot of work that needs to go into the layout but the blog is officially active!




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Books Galore

I suck at blogging. I think I’ve made peace with it *sometimes acceptance isn’t a good thing*

I’ve been back a good 3 weeks now and haven’t even posted once :! In my defense though, it’s been really hectic!! What with getting back to a cat fur infested home, homing two the kittens, my MIL staying with us (*ahem*) and Ramadan, I should be allowed some slacking right?? Many hate mails and lots of sorting later I was finally able to upload most of the India pictures on FB…I still haven’t sorted the Kerala trip pictures (it was SO gorgeous there!) coz there are just too many pictures and I get a bit put off at the thought of organizing them!! But I must say that it was a much better trip than I expected it to be, mostly because of the surprise Kerala trip. I had loads of fun, shopped only a little (but somehow we had 40+ kgs excess baggage!) and attended some weddings and even more pre/post wedding functions!

But of course I’ll write about the most important stuff; the Books!

I have this favorite bookstore in Mangalore. I *only* shop from there. Even if I see a book some other place that I want, I come back here and get it. A bit insane right? But see the thing is this place is one of those really old fashioned bookstores that F E E L S like a bookstore. Know what I mean? Also, the owner has never used plastic bags to give books since the God-knows-how-many-years he has been doing business. He packs the books in a paper bundle (or in my case most of the time in a box, coz there are too many) which is so cool coz it’s packed so well. I love my go-green store uncle. And the best bit is that he puts a little stamp of his shop inside of the book, which makes it so special and personal!! I love! Also apparently at this store, the guy *never* gives a discount, that was before me met yours truly of course. I’m always given discounts 😀 By which I have also become the envy of one of R’s friends who has been going there since ages!!

So, for once I’m putting up pictures (hope this works) for you to S E E why I love this store!

I bought these at on my first trip to the store

I bought these at on my first trip to the store

I wouldn't have got half those books if I got them here!!

I wouldn't have got half those books if I got them here!!

Me, at THE store :)

Me, at THE store 🙂

Then, I went again after a couple of days... :D

Then, I went again after a couple of days... 😀

...and bought these!

...and bought these!

We were lucky that R’s bro and family and my MIL were coming within the next week or considering the excess baggage charges I would have ended up paying tons of money! I still don’t know what I bought…other than these books, some movies, a couple of salwar kameezs, some yummmmm biscuits from Bangalore, some funky jewelry I picked up, a really cool wok, achars (R’s mum makes them herself and they are SO good!), masalas, gifts for people and just a few knickknacks. And of course I had to bring back the 15 salwar kameezs and jewelry and makeup I took too.

*Hmmm…I wonder why the bags were so heavy*


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Can’t Keep Up!

So it was thanks to TFL that I started using Google Reader to keep track of blogs. Since my “break time” – as I would like to call it – I wasn’t checking it either. I kept meaning to but I was seriously off blogging. Then finally I really really wanted to but I was so apprehensive! I kept thinking about how many posts there would be and then started to feel so guilty about it. It was scary thinking of how many posts I had to catch up with. So worrying in fact that I went to all the blogs I like reading through the link on my own blog or through links on other blogs and read everything first and THEN checked my GReader. See my rational was that if I had gone through GReader I would have been overwhelmed with the number of unread posts and then wouldn’t have ready any of them or maybe just a few of them.

I must admit though; it wasn’t really as bad as I imagined, but very close.

I must applaud Hemlock and ‘Liya for their amazing blogging capabilities. Hemlock though was ahead of ‘Liya by a good 20-25 extra post! (You go girl!) They had the highest number of unread posts! Oh and Specs wasn’t too far behind ‘Liya either.

So well done all of you.

But at this rate, I’m going to have nightmares if go off blogging/reading again. You guys give us slackers a bad ass name.


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As Random As Random Can Be

Right so TFL has taken it upon herself to rid me of my Writer’s Blox.
The rules are: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 16 people to be tagged.
16 people? Girl are you serious? Or are you mocking me??! I don’t even know 16 people. And I’m sure even the couple of people who did read my blog have give up on me!!
So being optimistic I tag – everyone who reads this! Muuhahahaaaa!
Being more optimistic I will take some names – Haleem, An ILLuS|On, Silent Mantra, Miss Specs, Salacious Samosa, mE, SZK and Boba!

  1. I live to eat. And I enjoy cooking equally. When I want to eat a particular dish and it’s not readily available I will go through the trouble of making it no matter how complicated it is within the same week. Food is my passion. Which is probably why I’m find it so difficult to lose the weight I’ve put on in the last year.
  2. Cooking and reading are two things that can take my mind off anything. I would have added music to this list but that has the ability to make me really nostalgic and will more often than not make me think about stupid things even more.
  3. I can pick up lyrics to songs *really* quick. I love singing along to everything I know; which is quite a bit. I’ve been told I have a good voice, but I wouldn’t stop even if I was told otherwise.
  4. I’m a clutter freak and really unorganized most of the time. I cannot part with anything I own and hence end up having tons and tons of things I don’t use/need. Which is probably why I have the most colorful interesting desk at work 🙂 *takes a bow* My daily use bag could give Santa a run for his money because what goes in my bag rarely comes out.
  5. If I buy something intending to gift it to someone and don’t end up giving it for whatever reason then I can’t ever bring myself to use it or to give it to off to anyone else. It will either reach the intended person sooner or later or it will just lie there with the rest of my clutter.
  6. I have many regrets and given another chance I would do many things differently.
  7. I want to become an interior designer at some point in my life. But I’m too lazy about it.
  8. I instantly hit it off with kids but thankfully have a good amount of control over them which makes them stay in their limits. I pamper my nieces and nephews to no end but also give them a sound kicking if they get out of line. As much as I love kids when I think about it sensibly, I don’t think I want to have any of my own. Sometimes I feel like I might want to, but fortunately common sense has prevailed until now.
  9. Most people think I’m really outgoing because I can get comfortable with people quite soon. But that’s far from the truth. I mostly enjoying lazing around at home, reading or cooking. I hate going out especially to parties or socializing in general because I don’t really like meeting people. I guess it’s just the way I was raised up. I’m the stay at home girl!
  10. I don’t like drinking too much water or any other liquid. I can go  the whole day with just a glass or two of water under normal circumstances. I prefer solid food. But I do need to have something to drink while I eat or I won’t be able to eat at all!!
  11. I am a perpetual procrastinator. Especially when it comes to cleaning up closets. If I’m lucky I do get down to doing it a few months from the time I started thinking it was necessary. But then the situation would have gotten worse though.
  12. I love squeaky clean and dry bathrooms/toilets. And cutlery. I can’t use any cutlery (even spoons or forks) when they are even slightly wet.
  13. I pick out my clothes in the morning 15 minutes before leaving to work depending on what’s the easiest thing to wear. All the better if it doesn’t need ironing. If I ever do decide to pick an outfit the previous night it always takes too long to pick and I’ll most probably change my mind in the morning anyways. So I don’t bother often.
  14. I generally don’t eat chicken if I’ve cooked it. If I’ve cleaned the chicken, then there is no way I’m going to eat it.
  15. I am allergic to dust and animal fur. But it doesn’t stop me from having pet cats. My life would be incomplete without a pet.
  16. When I was in school, I pierced the two holes at top on my left ear. On my own. I loved the sound of the silver wire piercing my cartilage. It was stupid and I’ve gotten rid of it now coz it was too painful. Instead I have a nose piercing and a belly piercing to make up. My belly piercing hasn’t healed in the 3 years that I’ve had it but I have no intentions of getting rid of it.

So there you go. Who would have thought I’d actually get down to doing this tag?! Not me!!

Now, I have that FB tag to deal with…

Seems like tags are all the rage these days!!

Speaking of which, TFL,  when do you plan on doing the Bijli tag!!?


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Infact I’ve got the Reader’s Blox too!

Sorry guys 😦 I don’t know what’s gotten into me. Or gotten out of me maybe???

I hope you guys have a great time during your holidays! Happy New Year!


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Protected: The Nikah – 07 Nov 07

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