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I miss..


Very much.



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Khooni Billi





We had finally found someone who was to come clean our apartment thrice a week. Only he ran off the second time he came. Because he was afraid of the cats.


He called R (he came while we were at work) and said he can’t do it because the cats were “attacking” him.

See, when we or anyone for that matter comes home Bijli has a habit of stretching on the persons legs. Much like a dog would you know. She stretches, you pat her and off she goes. That’s probably what happened.

But the guy translated it as “Body pe attacking sir!!!”

He actually RAN for his life. I kid you not. When we reached home we found the dusting cloth OUTSIDE our apartment!!! OUTSIDE! Inside, the vacuum was out, there was a bucket in the hall that was toppled over (thank god the jerk didn’t leave water in it!!!)!!!!

I’m sure Garfield didn’t do nothing coz he’s the most quite non intrusive cat EVER. Bijli is also extremely human friendly and so are the kittens.

When we told the woman who recommended him she couldn’t stop laughing and said “Yea, he is quite a sissy. Keeps complaining and whining worse than a woman sometimes!!”


R was in stiches laughing.

I on the other hand and sickly worried because the lady that recommended him is the one who is supposed to come take care of them when we are in India..! What if he scared them off!?!


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Cheat Post. But a Post Nonetheless!

So. Atleast two people still check this space (though can’t figure out for the life of me why!)

I’ve been meaning to blog since ages. Really I have. It’s just that I’ve been so busy with my classes and I’m too exhausted most of the time. I absolutely HATE sitting at the computer now. Hate it. Hazards of my profession. Hopefully soon to change.

So considering there are WAY too many things to update (some going back a year!) which I have invariably too lazy to write about entirely I decided a cheat post with bullet points wouldn’t be altogether that bad! No? Well here goes…

  1. I finally got my promised wedding gift from my BFF Mugen in August 08 after 9 months of nagging R; a kitten. She’s a Siamese and the most lively and energetic cat I have ever had (and that’s saying something coz I’ve 6 earlier) and we named her…*drumroll*….BIJLI. I had been meaning to blog about her forever but somehow didn’t get down to doing it. TFL was cat-sitting for her last November and I tried to con her into posting about Bijli but it never happened! So now you know!
  2. I adopted a friends male cat in February because she was getting married and couldn’t keep him and I really did want Bijli to have some company. He’s a fat lazy Persian pertinently christened Garfield. He more than lives up to the name.
  3. Bijli and Garfield got in on and Bijli gave birth to a beautiful litter of three last month. We’re still wondering how Garfield managed to actually do it though. The kittens are called Sully, Crush and Bella inspired by Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo and Beauty and the Beast characters respectively. I am SO in love with them. I really do want to keep them but 5 kitties would be a bit much for my allergies (that’s why it took so long to convince R in the first place!!)
  4. I rescued a 4 week old kitten that was being abused by some wankers near my parents house in Sharjah and my BIL and SIL have adopted him!! He’s been named Rowdy Tigger (or was it Tigger the Rowdy?) by the kids. Yes, I am quite the cat lady. Although even I can’t believe the first four updates are ALL dominated by cats!! That is a bit sad.
  5. My mum had a heart attack but she is better now alhamdulliah. It was caused due to blood pressure and it was really scary. Really REALLY scary. There was always a throng of people at the hospital once she was slightly better and recovering and it really annoyed me considering she really needed rest. But she wouldn’t listen. Anyways she is better now and that’s what matters.
  6. My hairdressing classes are going superb and I have another 2 weeks to go! I have no clue about how I’m going to pursue this further until now. I can’t quit my job and get into it full time coz it won’t pay much at the beginning. I guess I’m going to work something out or make a decision soon.
  7. R went on a holiday to Phuket with some friends last week. I almost forced him to go. I was intending to send him to India for a couple of days for his birthday coz ALL his friends are there and he really misses them but then this came up and I thought better this than India. Most people I know were scandalized that I was so cool with him going for a vacation with friends. I still don’t see why not. I mean he had extra leave days and his friends were going so why not!?
  8. I invited myself to TFLs and in effect got to meet Hemlock. Yes people, she is exactly as loony, entertaining and super as her blog. TFL had cooked the most delicious Biryani (I’m not even a Chiken Biryani fan and I took TWO helpings!) and THE most amazing double chocolate muffins. Oh! The Muffins!! TFL when’s the next batch baking?!
  9. When R was gone, I caught up with people I’ve been meaning to meet but hadn’t managed to in a while what with the classes and everything. Friday was the longest day of my life. I slept at 4 am on Friday morning (Thursday night??) woke up at 7 am and next thing I know it’s 3 am when I reach home again!! I think it was more to do with the fact that being at home alone was a bit depressing so I tried to stay out if I could help it.
  10. I got my hair colored – Red, then toned it down to a darker shade coz I had an interview, and now its Fuchsia. I LOVE It. Being a hairdresser has it’s perks!
  11. I’ve been diagnosed with Glucose intolerance. So that beings my list of suffering aliments to a grand total of 8. I am sick and tired of doctors and medications. To make matters worse the Glucose intolerance tabs have had me on a constant nauseated mode since the last 2 months. It’s disgusting. Did I mention I am tired of being alive? I am.

So that about covers everything. I think. For now!

This is easy. Maybe I’ll do all my posts quarterly and in bullet points! Hah! Genius plan!


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Blagging* Again :)

Earlier this month, my husband (I still find it really weird when I call him this :/) went to Delhi for three days for his friend’s wedding. I couldn’t go coz it was either we went to Delhi now or to Phuket in November. I picked Phuket as you can gather coz I’ve already been to India twice this year (which is SO strange coz I’m used to going like once in 2-3 years) and I couldn’t stand the thought of going again!!! Besides why would I pick a 3 days rushed vacation over 10 blissful days in Phuket? So the point is, he went and I didn’t.

I had decided I didn’t want to stay with my parents or have them over. I just wanted to be on my own. R didn’t have an issue with that so it was all good. But a day before he leaves my dad calls him and gives him this big fat lecture about how it wasn’t good for him to leave me alone at home all alone coz I was a girl (!!!!!!!!!) and quoting Islam and who knows what not! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT! My parents are so weird sometimes. So now it was about R’s image with my family but I also really wanted to be alone so we ended up telling them (lying!) that I was going to sleep over at R’s brother’s place for those 3 night. Don’t worry he’s a married man with kids so that was “approved”. It was so embarrassing telling his brother than incase my parents call (yaahhhh I wouldn’t put it past them!) he would give the same story. But I was determined to be alone that I went ahead with it. I was strangely excited about it. It was going to be like having my own place and doing my own Thaaaaang 😉 I’ve always wondered what it would be like so I wasn’t about to give in easily 🙂

And it was absolutely worth it all. I did miss R and everything but all that space and doing things I wanted to do, when I wanted to do them was AMAZING. I made the MOST of those 3 days. I went to an overnight party the first night (it was a friend’s birthday actually and I dint have any fun at ALL but it was an experience I won’t forget) and I finally met up with my friends (just the 2 of the grand total of 3 (lol…sad but true) that really matter) by myself – it’s besides the point that we were shopping for R (Anniversary coming up! Must blog about that too!)– the point is that I met them and we just talked and talked after ages. There wasn’t any restriction about time or anything. It was seriously fun. What with getting to work early and home late and sleeping in that big bed with a wild kitten I wasn’t getting much sleep. OOoooooOOOohhhh MMmmMmmYYYYYYGOD I just realized I didn’t tell you guys!!!! I got a kitten!!!! About like 3 months back!! Dammn I need to blog about her too!!! (Maybe I should make a “To Blog About” list :/)

Anyways so I was scheduled to meet TFL (after WAY too long) on day 3. I was really looking forward to it. Thing is (and I can’t remember if I told you this TFL) that R has an issue about me meeting TFL. It’s nothing personal mind you coz he’s never really met her aside from the wedding which doesn’t really count anyway. It just irks him that I know her from the blog and that she knows more about me/him/us than he does. I’ve tried to convince him that I don’t blog about personal stuff (hahaha) but he’s too smart for that one. It’s not just TFL; he’d have an issue with all of you. So that’s why I made sure to meet her while he was away. It was SUPERRR. We went for dinner (which was at my most favorrrrrite restaurant ever – I go atleast twice a month!) and then we came home and talked till 1 in the morning. It was just great.

Seriously I know that my friends and family from the “real” world don’t get it but there’s something that I share with all of you that just can’t add up with anyone else. I’ve met TFL just once before properly at the mall and it just feels like I know her forever. When we were talking that night, nothing was a miss. We just talked and talked and talked. And we GOT each other. No pretences. No uneasiness. No empty silences. It was great. *big hug TFL*

Oh I almost forgot, before we went for dinner, we had to pass by my office coz I hadn’t scanned out officially. On the way to my office, the road was BLOCKED by a TENT. Yes a Tent. Apparently there was a shaadi happening and they just decided to erect a tent in the middle of the ROAD. I can’t get over that. I couldn’t take a picture of it just then but I did the next morning (Yes TFL I DID! Lol) It’s on my phone but I’ll try uploading it later…! I can’t seem to digest it yet.

So anywho, coming back, I’ve decided I want to KNOW all of you. Whoever I can. Whenever I can.

P.S.: I realized talking to her that night, that most of my blogger friends are Paki. I just seem to get them better. Love you guys. xoxoxo

P.P.S.: WordPress needs to get with FB. I want to tag TFL!

* If you didn’t get this you are behind times!! Get with it. Don’t fret too much though, I’m behind times too, I got that thanks to Specs 😀


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Snippity Snap

I hate seeing the same person in the mirror every morning. And since going under the needle is not an option (scary thought!!!) I fall back on haircuts. As expensive as they are these days (what isn’t!?!?) I indulge in a haircut every two months. Without fail. Or else I get edgy to the point of wanting to shave all of my hair off. It’s not like I mark it on my calendar or anything but more like a timer goes off on its own.

My haircuts are without fail the “snip snip” sorts. I always make sure to maintain the length. You see most of my growing years were spend bald. Yes. Bald. This little girl with her cute pink frock on Eid was undoubtedly bald. Always. Without fail. Not because my hair didn’t grow but because I had was regularly subjected to mundans (shaving the head). And hence the little hat on my head all the time. I think it was only after I was a good 7-8 years old that my parents actually stopped this torture – although I must admit I always loved it…possibly because I didn’t know better I suppose! Finally when my hair grew out a little my mum was obsessed with oiling it. My poor sister always looked like an oiling factory and I refused to be associated to her or let my mum make me like that. I’d rather be bald!!!! Yuck! Also I would wail a lot when she combed my hair. See I got the wavy limp knotty hair and my sister got the straight silky hair. She also got the height and the stay thin forever genes. I got short and fat genes. GRRRRRR!

Anyways coming back to the story, sometime in my fifth grade I got a haircut coz my mum couldn’t tolerate my wailing and protest at combing my hair. So I got a really really short haircut. My god it was HIDEOUS. I was so embarrassed I started wearing a head scarf. As you could have gathered I was always conscious about the way I looked which is why I hated oiling it but I thought bald was cute earlier and I was too small to know better so that doesn’t count (as opposed to kids these days who pick their clothes from when they are 2!!!). Even when I went to the little grocery across the street I would wear a headscarf!!!! I avoided going out to play with my friends too. It was undoubtedly the most painful experience of my life. I looked like I was sporting a curly puffy pom-pom on my head. Just the thought of it gives me the creeps! Some of my cousins still use pictures of those times with me wearing my hideous haircut and these really ridiculous pink plastic glasses reading a Nancy Drew to get me to do things…!

Ever since I have avoided short hair like the plague. Despite my many haircuts I always make sure to maintain length. So it’s always a “snip snip” cut.

The last time I went for my haircut, one of the hairdressers had this really funky haircut that was really cropped short from the back but from the front it was longer giving the illusion of length if someone looks at you from the front. I absolutely loved it and was dying to get it. But I wasn’t sure coz of my old inhibitions. I trust my hairdresser but I “believed” it wouldn’t suit me so I let it go eventually. I went to get my fringe trimmed the other day and I have no idea what possessed me and suddenly I wanted a haircut. I had a talk with two hairdressers (my own and the one who had the haircut) and they persuaded me to go for it. R was just sitting silent all the time sulking and saying “Do it if you really want to”. I know he didn’t want me to get it cut coz he loved my previous haircut and I promised him before we got there I wasn’t going to shorten it just trim the fringe in the front. He kept sulking about it but I was in frenzy all of a sudden and I just wanted to do it. I absolutely loved that haircut since the last time and I just knew that it was now or never.

Bracing myself I said to Sanchita (my hairdresser @Juice) to either just trim or cut it REALLY short. I said I’d shut my eyes and just go for it. So eyes shut I was waiting to hear what judgment her scissors would pronounce. And that it was. She held my hair and cut it right in the center up to the base of my neck. R got up and said “It’s done now. There’s nothing you can do”. And that’s how I ended up with this.

And I absolutely LOVE it. My hair was just about 5-6 inches above my waist when I walked into the salon. Now they are up to my neck 😉 FREEDOM is sweet.

Of course ever haircut means lots of new hair care products too. Another reason for my oh-so-often visits! Haircuts are so much FUN! Everyone liked it at work but they’ve been honest enough to say the previous one was the best ever. Fair enough but this one is quite unconventionally cool too! Love it.

My mum’s reaction was the funniest. She’s like “Aage se tou theek hai lekin peechai see usne kharab kar diya. Dekha kya tumne? Itne chote kar diye galti se” (They are okay from the front but she spoilt them from behind. Did you see? She’s made them too short from the back by mistake.)
I couldn’t stop laughing. She hates my haircut. She prefers my sister with short hair and me with longer. I think she’s trying to make peace it with though. 🙂


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Happy Getting Older Day…

jummy bear is born


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Protected: Harry Puttar and Jummy’s Love Saga

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