Daily Archives: August 30, 2009

The Upcoming Food Blog

I’ve been meaning to get a food blog started since a while.

Considering how I’m always running after my mum, actually I run after anyone’s mum, it would be a great thing for my kids – if I ever have any of course. They wouldn’t ever have to run after anyone and distressingly beg for detailed recipes to replicate those delicious noms they love so much in their own kitchens like I have to!! What a superb gift right? AND it’s free! AND delicious!

So I had decided on a name I absolutely loved, made the blog and everything, and then I don’t know HOW I DELETED IT!!!!

I am S O sad.

I really want to use just that very name for the blog but now I can’t because apparently once deleted, the name is lost forever!!!!!


The name of the blog was supposed to be “allthingsyum”, which I am very much in love with. “allthingsyummy” just doesn’t cut it. H A L P!



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