Books Galore

I suck at blogging. I think I’ve made peace with it *sometimes acceptance isn’t a good thing*

I’ve been back a good 3 weeks now and haven’t even posted once :! In my defense though, it’s been really hectic!! What with getting back to a cat fur infested home, homing two the kittens, my MIL staying with us (*ahem*) and Ramadan, I should be allowed some slacking right?? Many hate mails and lots of sorting later I was finally able to upload most of the India pictures on FB…I still haven’t sorted the Kerala trip pictures (it was SO gorgeous there!) coz there are just too many pictures and I get a bit put off at the thought of organizing them!! But I must say that it was a much better trip than I expected it to be, mostly because of the surprise Kerala trip. I had loads of fun, shopped only a little (but somehow we had 40+ kgs excess baggage!) and attended some weddings and even more pre/post wedding functions!

But of course I’ll write about the most important stuff; the Books!

I have this favorite bookstore in Mangalore. I *only* shop from there. Even if I see a book some other place that I want, I come back here and get it. A bit insane right? But see the thing is this place is one of those really old fashioned bookstores that F E E L S like a bookstore. Know what I mean? Also, the owner has never used plastic bags to give books since the God-knows-how-many-years he has been doing business. He packs the books in a paper bundle (or in my case most of the time in a box, coz there are too many) which is so cool coz it’s packed so well. I love my go-green store uncle. And the best bit is that he puts a little stamp of his shop inside of the book, which makes it so special and personal!! I love! Also apparently at this store, the guy *never* gives a discount, that was before me met yours truly of course. I’m always given discounts 😀 By which I have also become the envy of one of R’s friends who has been going there since ages!!

So, for once I’m putting up pictures (hope this works) for you to S E E why I love this store!

I bought these at on my first trip to the store

I bought these at on my first trip to the store

I wouldn't have got half those books if I got them here!!

I wouldn't have got half those books if I got them here!!

Me, at THE store :)

Me, at THE store 🙂

Then, I went again after a couple of days... :D

Then, I went again after a couple of days... 😀

...and bought these!

...and bought these!

We were lucky that R’s bro and family and my MIL were coming within the next week or considering the excess baggage charges I would have ended up paying tons of money! I still don’t know what I bought…other than these books, some movies, a couple of salwar kameezs, some yummmmm biscuits from Bangalore, some funky jewelry I picked up, a really cool wok, achars (R’s mum makes them herself and they are SO good!), masalas, gifts for people and just a few knickknacks. And of course I had to bring back the 15 salwar kameezs and jewelry and makeup I took too.

*Hmmm…I wonder why the bags were so heavy*



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24 responses to “Books Galore

  1. I am sooooo jealous right now! That’s an excellent collection of books you bought. Rs 9210 … wow!

    What’s the name of that bookstore? I once read about a blogger write about “Premier Book Shop” in Mangalore. I wonder if it’s the same one.

    • I got the first 31 books for Rs. 9,210…don’t remember how much the rest cost. (This is why I photograph practically everything, I have such terrible memory!)

      The bookstore is called Athree’s…I haven’t seen Premier Book Shop, but maybe it’s the one next to Athree’s that is a library…? Maybe, dunno for sure.

  2. And here I was wondering when you would get back, lol. I’m so jealous 😦 That is the perfect bookstore.

    • It is isn’t it?
      The second time I went, I told him that I had seen this book at another bookstore and didn’t buy it coz I wanted to buy it from here and he was S O happy!
      I sure know how to get a discount 😉

  3. D

    OMG I would love to go to a place like that!!! Roald Dahl is brilliant … have you tried reading Jeeves and Wooster?
    Don’t like Paulo Coelho though…
    OH GONE WITH THE WIND… love story par excellence! Oh the ending…wah wah wah wah…

    Almost Rs300 per book … Brilliance!!!

    • Jeeves and Wooster? No! But I will since you’re recommending it.

      I’m not a Coelho fan either, actually I dont’ follow any particular author, but I’ve heard a lot about this book so I thought I’d get it. There’s another books of his i really like, Eleven Minutes, so I’m looking forward to this one.

      I haven’t read Gone with the Wind yet, I’ve only watched the movie when I was little. Can’t wait!

  4. heyyyyyyyy

    missed ur blogging!!!

    but glad to havv u back in blogosphere!
    love the books.. thats an awesoem lot, puray sal ka quota!! 😛


    baqi sab khayr hay!!!

    glad u enjoyed ur trip!!!

  5. GeekiSiddiqui

    Books are soooo addicting to buy! Going into bookstores is dangerous!

    • Tell me about it!!! R gave me so much grief about buying so many books but he’ll never understand coz he’s not into reading(!!).

      I love bookstores!

  6. I am going to bookmark this page. You have some seriously good titles there – suggestions for me when I go back next time.

    • Really? Most of them were recommendations from the previous post!
      I’m going to take a picture of the book shelf and put it up next!

      So, everyone buys books went they go back huh?

      • Looks like it! I have to budget some kilos for my books in the luggage!

        And now it’s only 23 kgs allowed @#$!!

      • i do always buys but not these many.. i donno when i hav so many unread books, I cant finish them soon!!
        so I buy max. 10 at a time, at other times, i get from here only!

  7. Gosh, all those books look awesome and yum!
    and the packing is brilliant, lucky youu! 😀

  8. I am THAT jealousssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You seem to have had a great trip, Meow!

    MIL stays over…hmm…that’s one I’d like to explore more, haha. Gooood Luck!

  9. ooooh, nothing more exciting than a huge pile of books that you haven’t read yet. You’ll really enjoy Shantaram, Brick Lane (a movie now!!), and A Suitable Boy (i heart so much!) …I loved Sister of My Heart and Marquez is such a genius…and Gone with the wind, I’ve probably read 4x so take that for what you will. 😉 How did you haul all these HUGE books back with you? I need book reports now, hah!

    • A Suitable Boy is so HUGE it’s intimidating me! But read it, I will!

      Getting back the books was not too much work considering there were so many people coming back…I just imposed my luggage on everyone 😀 Next tim I have to be careful though.

  10. skzworldofdreams

    A post on books!!!! *sigh* …*in heaven* 😀 😀

  11. I totally love digging old book shops 🙂

  12. jeeez thats a Galore in the true spirit of the *envy*

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