Your Suggestions Here

I’m going to India for some weddings (!) and so I’m obviously going to be stocking up on books and DVDs there…they are SO much cheaper!

So go on, gimme some names of books/movies you’ve loved and I can get them if haven’t read them yet (which has a really high probability considering how I barely get time to read since I’ve been married!)

I rather get books really…I’m not big on watching movies at home…but if it was an exceptional movie (old or new) do tell me!




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29 responses to “Your Suggestions Here

  1. I am a huge Stephen Fry fan – so any of his books! I watched Monsoon Weddings the other day which was pretty good. Um, yeah…that’s it. LOL, I need some good books to read too.

    • Anything particularly good of SF’s? There’s too many to choose from!
      Also I’ve got Monsoon Wedding already and liked it quite a bit…! I like collecting movies 🙂

  2. Jummy, get this book.. i donno how it is, buts kinda awesome looking n seeming.. named: the diary of a social butterfly, its by mani mohsin.. paki book!!

    And u can always get twilight boookssss hehehe!!

    And then theres the new book by paulo coelho, the winner stands alone!

    and then theres this book secrets..
    gosh, i m bad, i m letting u bring all books that i havnt read yet!! :P:P

  3. Kite Runner
    A Thousands splendid sons
    Both authored by Khalid Husseni

    By Paulo Coehlo

    One hundred Years of solitude- Gabriel Garcia Morquez.

    If for any teenage friends/relatives you wanna gift a book……I best is Speedpost by Shobha de.

    Shantaram- Greogory David Roberts

    Kafka on the Shore
    by Haruki Murakami

    The Elephant Vanishes: Stories
    by Haruki Murakami

  4. Shobha De.. No please nooooo

    jumjum…i have a thousaND splendid suns.. kab milein gayyyy

    • maddy

      I would not recommand any other books of Shobha De as I have not read any of them. But this particular one is short of Letter from her to her children. The book was written a decade ago, but the content of it is more relevent even now and the days to come. Of course it is your choice of reading.

    • K, I hear her autobiography Selective Memory is quite good! Which of her books didn’t you like?
      I think it’s unlikely we meet before I leave and I’m going to get the book anyways…lets all meet up for a super iftar as soon as Ramadan starts?

      Maddy, this sounds interesting and I am gonna check it out…I read the review and liked it…!

      • sumthing called stars.. heck, ive forgotten the name as well.. the girls father died n it begins with a funeral..

        u get that shoba de, gimme review, n i’ll giv it a shot too!!

        khayr, okie, lets meet up 4 iftar, awesommeee!! 🙂

  5. read BLINK… you ll knock out!

  6. One hundred Years of solitude- Gabriel García Márquez, my all-time favorite.

    Also, I love the books by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, specially “Sister of My Heart.”

  7. Have to read up on One hundred Years of solitude- Gabriel García Márquez. It sounds quite something.

    Look up David Baldacci as well.

  8. I like to stock up on desi movies I wouldn’t get to see otherwise; the good ones, classics…

  9. I love all English Flicks with desis in them 😉 Buy those!

    Books….buy The White Tiger. Its good. Buy everything you can get your hands on that’s NOT written by someone who speaks it as their native tongue. Brazilian, Portugese, Indian, Pakistani. See a foreign name on an English Novel? BUY IT!! They’re the hottest thing going around. Seriously.

    And buy romances!! Lots of them! I never spend serious money on buying romances so when I get the chance to buy 3 for the price of 1 etc, I JUST DO IT! 😉

    Have fuN! And we want to see pictures of the dresses you’re going to wear. Oh, and shoes. The shoes! Me wanna see shoeses! ;D

    • LoL! You’re one book crazy lady.

      Loved White Tiger, I had gotten it the last time *before* it won the Booker prize!
      I took your advice about the ‘foreign name on an English novel’ btw 🙂

      Dresses, FB. Shoes? Well there’s just where the dresses are 😛

  10. skzworldofdreams

    Tare Zameen Par
    Kuch kuch hota hai
    Hum Tum
    Dilwale Dulhania Le jayenge
    And there’s one more of Kaajal and (yaar what’s her hubby’s name again? :/ ) purani-ish. Very cute movie. Will write when I remember the name. 🙂

  11. Boo!

    Hello there … haven’t been here in a while, and not sure if you are still in India… however, a few books that haven’t been mentioned yet…

    1. The girl with the Dragon tattoo (the thing is sold out at every bookstore I’ve tried in Hong Kong… get me one too)

    2. Old Man’s War – this is science fiction, and while I NEVER read sci-fi… this one came highly recommended… and I LOVED it! It is a fantastic book (in both meanings of the word ‘fantastic’). It has 2 sequels as well (‘the ghost brigades’ and ‘the last colony’… I haven’t read the last one yet, but the second one is also a lot of fun!).

    3. I think somebody already mentioned ‘Blink’ (great book) by Malcolm Gladwell… he also wrote ‘The Tipping Point’ (another great book) and ‘Outliers’ (which I just bought). GET THEM ALL!

    4. If you have an iota of interest in management: get ‘Good to Great’ by Jim Collins (he also has a couple of other books)

    4. It you have an iota of interest in the financial markets: get ‘Demons of our own design’ by Richard Bookstaber.


  12. skzworldofdreams

    Pyar to hona hi tha! 😀 Got it! The kajol movie. Very cutie. 🙂

  13. Meow!! wheres u??? 😦

    u r tagged!! :P:P
    missin ur posts axlly!

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