Blinkers On

Before I was married I was quite unaware of South Indian fast foods. Actually considering most (all?) of my blog readers are Pakistani I think you’ll are more unaware than I ever was!! Hell TFL was so shocked when she came over once when I was making Dosa’s that I thought she was pulling my leg!! I mean how can you NOT know Dosa’s??? Thankfully she was impressed and has been to some restaurants since.

Coming back, well since being married I have been introduced to many dishes I didn’t know of before considering R is South Indian (from Mangalore) and he can live on purely Desi food and nothing else forever. So thanks to him I discovered a whole new meaning to South Indian fast food and have become quite a regular at a restaurant called Sarvana Bhavan. It’s a noisy dhaba like restaurant but the food is AMAZING. I used to go there once a week (that was when I got addicted) but now I go only once in a while.

So yesterday I was meeting a friend from school to catch up since I was in the area and we decided to go to SB since he’s Vegan and that really limits me and we both love SB. I was lucky enough to get a parking spot right in front of the restaurant and we had a really nice time.

But that’s not what this post is about. After we’re done we come out and I see someone has blocked my car by double parking at the curb. I waited for 5 minutes then honked and honked, tried to see if his car was open but it wasn’t (he has locked it and gone off!!!), I also went inside the restaurant to see if they knew whose care it was…maybe he was placing an order or something (because there was no where else he could have gone parking the way he was parked!!!). After 15 minutes of this drama I’m dead with the humidity and my friend suggests I try to get my car out from the little place by driving up the pavement a bit. It wasn’t impossible considering how little my car is but the guy who had blocked me was parked so close that the impact of going up the curb would probably bounce me into his car!

Anyways I was crazy pissed and didn’t know what else to do so I some how tried to help myself. So I’ve rolled down my windows and am struggling with the help of my friend when the lunatic guy who has blocked comes out chewing his food and says “Wait Wait I will help by moving my car a little!”

I WAS SO FURIOUS!!! The way he said it was like he was doing me a fucking favor! Can you BELIEVE he was EATING INISDE THE RESTAURANT WHILE DOUBLE PARKED?!?!??!?

I yelled at him and asked him if he had any sense and how the crap can he block someone, double park and sit and have a meal!!??? To which he stops, glares and me and says to me “I know. Don’t teach me.”


I was SO angry I wanted to ram my car into his. Seriously. I was SO MAD. And being as mad as I was I decided to not remove my car coz I didn’t want him to park in my spot. So I just sat in the car.

And what does HE do? He backs up to clear the way for me, double parks AGAIN, turns off his car and goes back to his meal!!!!! And guess where he was sitting ALL THE FUCKING WHILE I WAS HONKING FOR ATTENTION?!?!?! He was the ass hole sitting in the window with his family and his fat daughter was WATCHING ME THE ENTIRE TIME and it STILL took him 15 minutes to come move his fucking stupid Nissan.

Can you believe that?!?! An entire adult family of 4 is sitting and having a meal while they have double parked their car leaving the blinkers on (as if that’s some sort of fucking consolation!). they sitting is FULL visibility of their car AND the car they have blocked, have been watching me the entire time and have STILL sat there on their FAT useless asses and just continued on with their meal!!!!

I SO WANTED TO SCTRACH HIS CAR. If it wasn’t for N who was with me I would have. N thought the guy was only placing his order and I was over reacting but when he saw him go in and back to his table that was in full view of us he was too shocked to believe it.

I’ve taken down his number plate and if I EVER see him anywhere I WILL STRACH THE ASSHOLE’S UGLY CAR.



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4 responses to “Blinkers On

  1. random reader

    LOL. you know what, you should have called the cops on him. seriously! I know i would have!

    • If I would have seen a cop around (and they are generally about in that area) I would have definetly stopped him and complained. But calling a cop is TEDIOUS! They’ll take forever to come and he would prolly finish his dinner and leave by then and then that would be stupid.

  2. isheeta

    He sounds like a typical arab guy with attitude!! (sorry but i have seen that in dubai so many times!) what an ass!

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