Lights, Camera, Action

I’ve somehow lasted the three months of grueling training.

Today is the show that will graduate me into the world of hairdressing!

I’m a nervous wreck right now. So I know it’s not a biggie really, but it IS!

Wish me luck!

(Oh and I bought myself a really cool Cerena cutting sissor and a texturizing scissor from Beauty World yesterday to celebrate! AND the guy gave me the coolest white leopard print holster for FREE with it!! It’s a sign that I’m going to be a really really cool hair stylist!!!)



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9 responses to “Lights, Camera, Action

  1. All the very best to you!

  2. Awww jummy!! thats great!!! i wish u the awesome best in this field and whatever u pursue in life!!

  3. beyond

    good are gonna be a total rock star.

  4. Ah wow, very cool, Meow Jee!

    I LURVE the leopard print…er…thing. 😉

    Texturing scissors? Hey, you’re already talking the lingo!

  5. congrats… all the best!

    now when are you opening your own shop?

  6. GeekiSiddiqui


  7. shinday'

    dang i’m so late:S
    so how did it go hmm?

  8. Thanks all you guys!

    It went SO well!!! AND I got offered a place with them too!!!! (which I won’t be accepting just right now…but STILL!! That was exiting :D)


  9. Congratulations on graduating!
    I have problems with having my hair cut: I go in, ask for something to give my hair a bit more body, a bit more fashion….
    And I go out with a crewcut!
    A trustworthy hairdresser is worth their weight in gold 😉 Especially as I want my hair to grow.
    To my waist.
    Any tips from a professional?

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