As of yesterday R is on a diet. And in effect so am I. It should be easier doing it along with someone else right?

Wrong. I just ate a bar of Snickers. Yum. Tastes so much better when you’re not supposed to be eating it 😀



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7 responses to “Die(T)

  1. hahaha… talk about multiplying the pleasure!!

  2. My wife cheats on our “together” diets too!

  3. Diets are supposed to be cheated on, Arent they ? 😉

  4. Yes, what’s a diet that’s not cheated on. Everyday. 😀

  5. AD

    hahaha i have been on a chicken diet and honestly cheating sometimes can be tempting but still… but openly cheating 😛

  6. Now that’s the proper way to diet 🙂

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