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As of yesterday R is on a diet. And in effect so am I. It should be easier doing it along with someone else right?

Wrong. I just ate a bar of Snickers. Yum. Tastes so much better when you’re not supposed to be eating it 😀



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Cheat Post. But a Post Nonetheless!

So. Atleast two people still check this space (though can’t figure out for the life of me why!)

I’ve been meaning to blog since ages. Really I have. It’s just that I’ve been so busy with my classes and I’m too exhausted most of the time. I absolutely HATE sitting at the computer now. Hate it. Hazards of my profession. Hopefully soon to change.

So considering there are WAY too many things to update (some going back a year!) which I have invariably too lazy to write about entirely I decided a cheat post with bullet points wouldn’t be altogether that bad! No? Well here goes…

  1. I finally got my promised wedding gift from my BFF Mugen in August 08 after 9 months of nagging R; a kitten. She’s a Siamese and the most lively and energetic cat I have ever had (and that’s saying something coz I’ve 6 earlier) and we named her…*drumroll*….BIJLI. I had been meaning to blog about her forever but somehow didn’t get down to doing it. TFL was cat-sitting for her last November and I tried to con her into posting about Bijli but it never happened! So now you know!
  2. I adopted a friends male cat in February because she was getting married and couldn’t keep him and I really did want Bijli to have some company. He’s a fat lazy Persian pertinently christened Garfield. He more than lives up to the name.
  3. Bijli and Garfield got in on and Bijli gave birth to a beautiful litter of three last month. We’re still wondering how Garfield managed to actually do it though. The kittens are called Sully, Crush and Bella inspired by Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo and Beauty and the Beast characters respectively. I am SO in love with them. I really do want to keep them but 5 kitties would be a bit much for my allergies (that’s why it took so long to convince R in the first place!!)
  4. I rescued a 4 week old kitten that was being abused by some wankers near my parents house in Sharjah and my BIL and SIL have adopted him!! He’s been named Rowdy Tigger (or was it Tigger the Rowdy?) by the kids. Yes, I am quite the cat lady. Although even I can’t believe the first four updates are ALL dominated by cats!! That is a bit sad.
  5. My mum had a heart attack but she is better now alhamdulliah. It was caused due to blood pressure and it was really scary. Really REALLY scary. There was always a throng of people at the hospital once she was slightly better and recovering and it really annoyed me considering she really needed rest. But she wouldn’t listen. Anyways she is better now and that’s what matters.
  6. My hairdressing classes are going superb and I have another 2 weeks to go! I have no clue about how I’m going to pursue this further until now. I can’t quit my job and get into it full time coz it won’t pay much at the beginning. I guess I’m going to work something out or make a decision soon.
  7. R went on a holiday to Phuket with some friends last week. I almost forced him to go. I was intending to send him to India for a couple of days for his birthday coz ALL his friends are there and he really misses them but then this came up and I thought better this than India. Most people I know were scandalized that I was so cool with him going for a vacation with friends. I still don’t see why not. I mean he had extra leave days and his friends were going so why not!?
  8. I invited myself to TFLs and in effect got to meet Hemlock. Yes people, she is exactly as loony, entertaining and super as her blog. TFL had cooked the most delicious Biryani (I’m not even a Chiken Biryani fan and I took TWO helpings!) and THE most amazing double chocolate muffins. Oh! The Muffins!! TFL when’s the next batch baking?!
  9. When R was gone, I caught up with people I’ve been meaning to meet but hadn’t managed to in a while what with the classes and everything. Friday was the longest day of my life. I slept at 4 am on Friday morning (Thursday night??) woke up at 7 am and next thing I know it’s 3 am when I reach home again!! I think it was more to do with the fact that being at home alone was a bit depressing so I tried to stay out if I could help it.
  10. I got my hair colored – Red, then toned it down to a darker shade coz I had an interview, and now its Fuchsia. I LOVE It. Being a hairdresser has it’s perks!
  11. I’ve been diagnosed with Glucose intolerance. So that beings my list of suffering aliments to a grand total of 8. I am sick and tired of doctors and medications. To make matters worse the Glucose intolerance tabs have had me on a constant nauseated mode since the last 2 months. It’s disgusting. Did I mention I am tired of being alive? I am.

So that about covers everything. I think. For now!

This is easy. Maybe I’ll do all my posts quarterly and in bullet points! Hah! Genius plan!


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