I recieved a bunch of dried white roses.

So I know I dry the roses R gives me and I have them all and everything. But…WTF?

Is this a joke? Or did someone send me dried roses because I like them?



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13 responses to “D(r)ied

  1. Dried roses. Huh?

    Maybe it means preserving love? Or maybe this person bought those roses for you when you were a teenager and he forgot. years later, when he opened his cupboard and his diary, he thought what he did with the flowers he bought after selling his services as an escort to that old lady because he HAD to give you flowers. Then he never did because he saw you with R and that trampled his little heart so he threw himself into business with his dad to dull the pain. Anyways, where was I? Yeah, so he found these flowers and thought he’d better send them to you since they’re yours anyways etcetra.

    Is that a plausible theory? Because if its not, meow dearest, I have no idea what this means. 😦

  2. LOL.

    Any clues as to who is it yet?

  3. question is where did u rcv them, at home, work.. did u take them frm delivery man.. ???

    n worry not. but either ways its freaky

    btw.. if u hav no special plans for sat, lets luncheoon!!!!

  4. isheeta

    someone who thought they were being smart asses by saving u the time to dry them?!

  5. Maybe it just took a looong time to reach you?!!

    I mean.. like the tv ad… life comes at you fast…..

  6. @Specs: ROFL! that would be creepily romantic. but i don’t think anyone is pining over me (un)fortunately.

    @Boba: no idea! more than who, i’m wondering WHY. i mean really, what twisted logic could it be motivated with? other that Specs theory which could be plausible if i was a movie star or something! which i’m not i assure you.

    @karachiite: at work. the office boy signed from the delivery man so i really don’t have any way of tracing it!!
    sorry about lunch, i didn’t check my blog until today or we could have met up! next week? you should stop disappearing and we should make some real plans!

    @isheeta: but they were dried IN the bouquet!! that’s not even the right way to do it :s

    @An ILLuS|On: you have a theory don’t you?

    @Haleem: yeah coz someone has wrapped this up a LONG time ago! :/

  7. isheeta

    PSYCHO ALERT! Security, pronto!

  8. You’ve just been awarded an award for your great attitude. Keep writing and stay positive 🙂

  9. I second Illusion… UPDATE!!

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