Can’t Keep Up!

So it was thanks to TFL that I started using Google Reader to keep track of blogs. Since my “break time” – as I would like to call it – I wasn’t checking it either. I kept meaning to but I was seriously off blogging. Then finally I really really wanted to but I was so apprehensive! I kept thinking about how many posts there would be and then started to feel so guilty about it. It was scary thinking of how many posts I had to catch up with. So worrying in fact that I went to all the blogs I like reading through the link on my own blog or through links on other blogs and read everything first and THEN checked my GReader. See my rational was that if I had gone through GReader I would have been overwhelmed with the number of unread posts and then wouldn’t have ready any of them or maybe just a few of them.

I must admit though; it wasn’t really as bad as I imagined, but very close.

I must applaud Hemlock and ‘Liya for their amazing blogging capabilities. Hemlock though was ahead of ‘Liya by a good 20-25 extra post! (You go girl!) They had the highest number of unread posts! Oh and Specs wasn’t too far behind ‘Liya either.

So well done all of you.

But at this rate, I’m going to have nightmares if go off blogging/reading again. You guys give us slackers a bad ass name.



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4 responses to “Can’t Keep Up!

  1. Excuse me but my posting average is 1.1 per week. And so, I think, is Liya’s.. :p

    Most blogs have about 7.7 per week so all gotta say is…

    WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN FOR SO LONG!!! Serves you right. *grin*

    Hey, seriously, if you check your reader everyday, at most you’re going to have 2 or 3 posts per day.

    I subscribe to 123 sites and if I log in after a week, I have about 700 unread articles but most of them are small and not from blogs so I don’t have any guilt trips over skipping over some. Don’t let the numbers daunt you!

  2. it’s ok.. just mark everything “as read” and you are back!

  3. silentmantra

    oh yeah – that hemlock darling is a super blogger i tel ya! or maybe i’m just super lazy 😛

    so u shud also applaud me for not adding on to ur guilt lol! yaar i myself am going thru the same…..i think i will also mess around with the GReader thingi.

  4. @Haleem: Done 😛

    @SM: LoL! Yes many thanks for being so kind 🙂

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