Bollox! 😛

(From: Boba Blogs)



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10 responses to “!

  1. I agree with the first two lines…but then the rest just doesn’t …go!


  2. wow, you are?

    i never woulda pegged you for one!

  3. Oh I like! I like!! I’m a comma (and damn proud! *glares*) but, off the record, I wouldn’t mind being an !

  4. @boba: i like the sound of being a bundle of *something* 🙂 i supposed i was all the rest once upon a sunshine, not anymore. well maybe just a little!!

    @specs: looks like it. the more i think of it the more sense it makes :s

    @S&S: off record i would like to be a semi colon. sounds so powerful. but exclamations are Fun! YAY!

  5. Cavaliere

    I’d like to be a semi colon too. I like using them….

  6. “you get best along with: the Dash”


  7. @An ILLuS|On: kyun laughing you?

  8. LOL and you go well with dashes .. wow what a revelation 😉

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