Welcome to Everything

Dubai Mall opened yesterday. I have never been to a mall on opening day in my entire I-live-in-a-city-full-of-malls-and-more-malls life. When R told me we’d go after work I just rolled my eyes and said “Why would I want to go there?” I thought it was a really strange thing to do. I mean really, do I really have Nothing else to do? At ALL? Finally he convinced me saying that he wanted to see The Aquarium thing they built there so I relented coz well it did sound interesting. I would go eventually anyways and since he likes going to new openings I thought what the hell!

We got there about 5:30ish, straight from work and guess what? We couldn’t get a parking!! When R told me that it would be packed if we went later in the evening I had rolled my eyes. Clearly I know nothing. This can ONLY happen in Dubai – I’m sure of it. Considering the size of the place – being the largest mall in the world and everything – it still seemed pretty packed. People we sitting around in the coffee shops like they come there every single day. The food court was teeming with people. There was a particularly long and ridiculous rush at Taco Bell. I guess because it’s the first outlet in Dubai. Personally, I wouldn’t wait that long just to place my order. Seems like a lot many people would :/ There were a couple of more new first-time-in-Dubai outlets too that looked interesting (How can I give a review without talking about the fooood people!) We tried this place called Wrapid. Loved it. We had the chicken with noodles wrap. The manager there was something. Apart from being cute *sigh* he was unbelievably witty. Lucky woman, whoever has him! Anyyywwwhooooo…another thing that I found weird how so many people will invariably eat the same thing no matter where they go. Like KFC and McDonalds. Urgh. Am I the only person who finds this weird?? I really don’t understand why these places ALWAYS have a rush and why everyone is eating there :/

The Aquarium was great. For 50 bucks entry you get to go through the tunnel to see all the fish, sharks, sting rays, etc. and you can also go upstairs to the Discovery Centre and see the penguins, seals, otters and many more fish. It was quite cool. I particularly enjoyed it. We also checked out Waitrose Supermarket (again first time in Dubai) and I quite liked it. I’m sure you’re thinking – what’s to “like” in a supermarket? Loads! (Did I ever tell y’all that grocery shopping is one of my most favorite things to do?! Yes, I know I’m such an aunty :p) I thought the place was very aesthetic appealing along with being refreshing different. Basically it was just nice to go to a differently decorated supermarket. All the big chains here look the exact same. Sometimes I can’t even remember which branch I’m at!!! Another thing I like about the supermarket was that all their breads were fresh(!!) and extremely delicious (don’t you love tasters?) and the ready-to-eat-food section actually looked edible and appetizing! You can ask for a tasters for everything there too!
Something that amused me at the supermarket was how many people were already doing grocery shopping there!!! I mean it’s just opened!! Yes I bought some mini tarts (YUM!) and bread too but there were people who were doing PROPER grocery shopping there! Just like the coffee shop loungers and packed food court, I thought this was really weird. Really? Is it it just me???

The place is so gigantic, that even after being there was 3 hours or so (it didn’t seem that long!) we didn’t check out the ice rink or the waterfall (supposed to be cool) or the other places there.

I’ve never been to a mall on opening day and it felt really weird but it was fun albeit an amusing experience.

Welcome to Everything. Indeed an excellent tag line. Can’t wait to shop at Bloomingdales!

Oh…and MuBarack Obama supporters!



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7 responses to “Welcome to Everything

  1. Gah, I wish our local ‘mall’ had aquariums and ice rinks!! I just got a job there working for M&S – how cool!!!


    Oh, btw, loving grocery shopping is not weird, I love it too! (…or maybe we’re both weird)

  2. @boba: M&S! Employee discounts! YaY! Though I must confess I haven’t ever really bought anything from there except a wollen scarf…can’t ever seem to find my kind of clothes there!
    Even it’s us being weird, at least I’m not alone! Phew! High Five!

    @Specs: Very apparently 😛 I just mentioned it to my mum (who wasn’t aware of any such mall opening) and she was like “You never tell me to go see these cool things”…LoL! I’m caught in a family of Mall Lovers! Haaalllppp!

  3. silentmantra

    so dubai came up with another “………………. in the world”. what next??

    reading about all those food and free tasters has got me upset 😦 these are just soem of the lil things i miss about dubai.
    we got carre foure coming up here……..i hope it gets as close to how it is in dubai – sp with the special offers. here. special offer concept doesnt exists. nor is – the more/bigger u buy – the cheaper. and done even bother looking for the expiry dates…uff i can go on! khair…me too a grocery aunty like u:)

  4. Probably visiting Dubai next year. Hopefully they will have constructed everything by then so I can visit all. Seems Dubai is very expensive city.

  5. The water falls still isn’t ready yet. That’s what I wanted to see, well, along with the aquarium of course 🙂

    My feet ached so badly from walking yet I haven’t seen the other half of the mall yet! It’s so huge, it’s crazy.

    And yes, people lined up at KFC and Mc Donald’s at the food court 🙂

  6. I went to the ice rink the other day. It’s all about making money in Dubai Mall. First, it’s much more expensive than any other place. Second, you have to pay for lockers. Third, if you have someone with you who isn’t skating, either they stand outside or PAY to sit in the seating area.

    I loved the aquarium though.

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