Blagging* Again :)

Earlier this month, my husband (I still find it really weird when I call him this :/) went to Delhi for three days for his friend’s wedding. I couldn’t go coz it was either we went to Delhi now or to Phuket in November. I picked Phuket as you can gather coz I’ve already been to India twice this year (which is SO strange coz I’m used to going like once in 2-3 years) and I couldn’t stand the thought of going again!!! Besides why would I pick a 3 days rushed vacation over 10 blissful days in Phuket? So the point is, he went and I didn’t.

I had decided I didn’t want to stay with my parents or have them over. I just wanted to be on my own. R didn’t have an issue with that so it was all good. But a day before he leaves my dad calls him and gives him this big fat lecture about how it wasn’t good for him to leave me alone at home all alone coz I was a girl (!!!!!!!!!) and quoting Islam and who knows what not! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT! My parents are so weird sometimes. So now it was about R’s image with my family but I also really wanted to be alone so we ended up telling them (lying!) that I was going to sleep over at R’s brother’s place for those 3 night. Don’t worry he’s a married man with kids so that was “approved”. It was so embarrassing telling his brother than incase my parents call (yaahhhh I wouldn’t put it past them!) he would give the same story. But I was determined to be alone that I went ahead with it. I was strangely excited about it. It was going to be like having my own place and doing my own Thaaaaang 😉 I’ve always wondered what it would be like so I wasn’t about to give in easily 🙂

And it was absolutely worth it all. I did miss R and everything but all that space and doing things I wanted to do, when I wanted to do them was AMAZING. I made the MOST of those 3 days. I went to an overnight party the first night (it was a friend’s birthday actually and I dint have any fun at ALL but it was an experience I won’t forget) and I finally met up with my friends (just the 2 of the grand total of 3 (lol…sad but true) that really matter) by myself – it’s besides the point that we were shopping for R (Anniversary coming up! Must blog about that too!)– the point is that I met them and we just talked and talked after ages. There wasn’t any restriction about time or anything. It was seriously fun. What with getting to work early and home late and sleeping in that big bed with a wild kitten I wasn’t getting much sleep. OOoooooOOOohhhh MMmmMmmYYYYYYGOD I just realized I didn’t tell you guys!!!! I got a kitten!!!! About like 3 months back!! Dammn I need to blog about her too!!! (Maybe I should make a “To Blog About” list :/)

Anyways so I was scheduled to meet TFL (after WAY too long) on day 3. I was really looking forward to it. Thing is (and I can’t remember if I told you this TFL) that R has an issue about me meeting TFL. It’s nothing personal mind you coz he’s never really met her aside from the wedding which doesn’t really count anyway. It just irks him that I know her from the blog and that she knows more about me/him/us than he does. I’ve tried to convince him that I don’t blog about personal stuff (hahaha) but he’s too smart for that one. It’s not just TFL; he’d have an issue with all of you. So that’s why I made sure to meet her while he was away. It was SUPERRR. We went for dinner (which was at my most favorrrrrite restaurant ever – I go atleast twice a month!) and then we came home and talked till 1 in the morning. It was just great.

Seriously I know that my friends and family from the “real” world don’t get it but there’s something that I share with all of you that just can’t add up with anyone else. I’ve met TFL just once before properly at the mall and it just feels like I know her forever. When we were talking that night, nothing was a miss. We just talked and talked and talked. And we GOT each other. No pretences. No uneasiness. No empty silences. It was great. *big hug TFL*

Oh I almost forgot, before we went for dinner, we had to pass by my office coz I hadn’t scanned out officially. On the way to my office, the road was BLOCKED by a TENT. Yes a Tent. Apparently there was a shaadi happening and they just decided to erect a tent in the middle of the ROAD. I can’t get over that. I couldn’t take a picture of it just then but I did the next morning (Yes TFL I DID! Lol) It’s on my phone but I’ll try uploading it later…! I can’t seem to digest it yet.

So anywho, coming back, I’ve decided I want to KNOW all of you. Whoever I can. Whenever I can.

P.S.: I realized talking to her that night, that most of my blogger friends are Paki. I just seem to get them better. Love you guys. xoxoxo

P.P.S.: WordPress needs to get with FB. I want to tag TFL!

* If you didn’t get this you are behind times!! Get with it. Don’t fret too much though, I’m behind times too, I got that thanks to Specs 😀



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18 responses to “Blagging* Again :)

  1. Wlecome 2 blagland ageen. Hpe U stik arund. 😀

  2. 😀

    “So anywho, coming back, I’ve decided I want to KNOW all of you. Whoever I can. Whenever I can. ”

    Right back at ya 🙂

  3. Dear JB, I read a few of your posts from the past and wow… your life really sounds like an Indian movie!! I was blown away by the suspense!! But I hope you’re happy now and I don’t know why you said your blog was boring, it’s very interesting and you sound like a very chirpy, cheery and bright young woman! And in many things you say, you sound a lot like myself and I can totally relate! Whenever my husband goes out of town, I really enjoy my “freedom” though it irks him no end that I call it “freedom”.. haha! And I know the joy of hanging out with friends with no time limit… it really is a lot of fun!

    I wish I hadn’t become so jaded with online friends though.. I was once like you … so excited and enthusiastic about my online friends and making plans to meet anyone I could but I’ve since had a few experience that have really just broken my heart and I’d rather not trust anyone again and so in a way, I’m with your husband on that. And funninly enough, my husband was like that too, he used to make a wierd face every time I mentioned I might meet an online friend! haha!

    Well there you go, I returned the favor of long comments .. don’t we all love them? 🙂 I certainly look forward to getting to know you better 🙂

  4. @Specs: is there an adhesive i can use to make my mood/state of mind remain?

    @boba: 🙂 seriously. i can’t tell you how much it meant that TFL came to the wedding. i’m so glad i made that choice to post that invitation then.

    @marigold: awww xoxox….yes i agree. i am filmy like that :p
    i’ve had my share of falls with online friends but i learnt that hearts break. that’s what they’re there for 🙂 but there’s nothing like pulling your socks and getting back into the fight. i’ve met some really great people here. so i’m letting my past experiences go by as bad judgment. everyone i know now is amazing. no pedophiles this time ;p
    here’s to a new friendship.


  5. why do all my comments look so dark and unreadable!? can anyone read them?

  6. i’m so proud of you for blogging again and more importantly, staying on your own! as a married woman, the blissful freedom of hanging out with friends aram seh is such a luxury that i’m glad you took advantage of it!!

  7. They’re not unreadable.

    Have you taken your sunglasses off?

  8. Welcome back.

    I would choose Phuket over India too, no offense!

    Sometimes I am sad that our significant others can never understand blogging and what it means.

  9. awwww jummy!!!
    nice 2 see u bloggin agn
    i think we shud meet up 2
    n phuket is better honeymooner than india!!!!

    n yeah, ur anni is coming up.. kooooolll

    i wanna meet tfl tooo!!!!

    how? hehe

  10. @sara: “blissful freedom” LoL! if our husbands only heard us :p i spent this entire weekend at my mum’s place too 🙂

    @specs: no really they look so funny on my screen. very bold and ugly! i’ll do a screen print to prove it!

    @Haleem: there is loads to see in India and i wish i could go everywhere but the difference is the service. in Thailand they don’t discriminate based on your skin color. in India, if your Indian you have the least value and get the worst service. it’s unfortunate.
    maybe it’s a good thing they don’t understand blogging. at least i don’t need to worry that he’d end up being an eventual reader of my blog!! THAT wouldn’t be good.

    @karachiite: we Should! maybe all of us can meet up together!!

  11. okie.. where is the enxt que??? make it dubai.. wat say??

  12. TFL

    you did and i understand. i cant even challenge his opinion because it really is true!! hopefully he will become a bit more comfortable with the fact coz id really like to get together much more often!! dinner was lovely and i was back there on diwali too which basically means three times in as many weeks! 😀 your favorite restaurant is fact becoming my favorite too 🙂
    its quite weird but every blogger ive met if had the same rapport. its as if we have been actual friends and not just people who interact online. there is no akwardness and its quite fun because you can almost always predict the person’s reaction to something 🙂

    yaar replace snowy with bijli already!! i miss your little furball!
    *Big HUG*

    @karachiite: lets!! when and where?

  13. soon inshaallah.. m going for vacation next, italy and london.. n then pakistan immediately after that.. hopefully xmas!! wat say???

  14. TFL

    wow!! christmas wont work because another lucky female will not be in town 😉
    let do it sometime in jan?! have fun on your round the world trip 😀

  15. TFL

    scratch that! christmas totally works, i got my dates wrong!! again!

  16. inshaallah then.. i hope the plan succeeds!! 🙂 m excited!!!

  17. i’m in! yay! hmmm where should we go…! *TFL hint hint*

  18. beyond

    welcome back:)

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