So, I finally took the test from Specs blog and looks like I did terrible.

This is Me

So I’m already married – does this mean my marriage is headed for doom!? Or maybe I should make R take the test too? OORRRR I should take the Husband Test? Actually that doesn’t sound like a bad idea 😀



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16 responses to “The TEST

  1. LOL! Good girl! *high five*

    Yep, make him take the test! 🙂

  2. Welcome to the club 🙂

  3. mE

    this says , as a 1930 wife you are horrible , but does it say at 2008 wife your bad too ? hence enjoy

  4. 52

    As a 1930s wife, I am

  5. Wonder if they have one for husbands..! 😛

  6. @Specs, Boba : it’s like losing, but winning anyways! thank you guys!!! lol

    @mE: you do have a point, but really what’s changed except the world becoming smaller? women still have more or less the same role as a wife as they did back then.

    @karachiite: *speechless* that’s better than any score i’ve seen!

    @Mezba: they sure do! do it! it’d be interesting to see how you fare 😀

    @An ILLuS|On: do i smell sarcasm? hahaha…i really ought to give this blog more time isn’t it?!

  7. I got a 51…my imaginary husband will be pleased!

  8. silentmantra

    is this only for married types?

  9. yes you SHOULD be yara..likhti raha karo.

  10. *likhti raha karo jummy bear:P

  11. Ha.. I actually got a good score on that!! How sad!!

    I decided to pop over and check you out and I see you’re all password protected so I can have it??? 😀

  12. @aka: show-off :p

    @silentmantra: ‘course NOT. try it!!!

    @An ILLuS|On : awwww! xoxo

    @Marigold: must be a mistake!!!!!

  13. o y goddd am 85 ..ahahha ‘superior’ rofl rofl

  14. @sana: first, welcome! then – WHAT!?!! unreal….! did you cheat :p

  15. @ meow : rofl I swear I didn’t 😛 am as amazed as u are.. or may be more 😛

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