Weirdness Unleashed

I think this is my first ever tag. I suppose I should thank TFL 😀 So here goes my weird list!!!

1. I can sneeze multiple times without break. Mostly it’s 3-5 at once, but I’ve done about 12 sneezes at a stretch. It sounds really funny.

2. I’ve scared 2 dogs off when I was a teen at the Terry Fox Run. I don’t think I’ve ever screamed that loud. After that though my friend left me with a Doberman and I’ve been cured of my fear (which btw wasn’t unfounded! A big ugly dog bit my skirt once and kept a firm hold at it while I ran. It was freaky.)

3. I’m an animal person. I’ve had 8 cats till date (including the one I just talked my hubby into 😀 Still have to blog about her!). We used to keep giving them off for some reason or the other (mostly my brother’s allergies) but I always managed to talk my dad into getting a buying one or rescuing them. I’ve had cats, fishes, turtles, hamsters, guinea pigs and a canary. I would love to have a doggy but my parents would definitely disown me.

4. I have been a hajbi several times in my life. Mostly at my parents insistence but that’s not an excuse to take it off I suppose. I can manage it for a while but I end up taking it off. I used to wear it before I got married but I can’t do it anymore. It frustrates me. I know I did it coz my parents didn’t leave me a choice but I wish someday I could do it on my own. Permanently.

5. I’m a clutter freak. I can’t throw something out for the life of me. Somehow I attach meaning and emotion to everything I own. I find it really difficult to give things off too. What’s mine is mine. And it stays that way.

6. If I buy something that is intended to be a gift to someone and I don’t manage to give it to them for some reason I still can’t ever use it or give it to someone else.

7. Deep down inside I am a very insecure person. I need constant reassurance about being loved. Even from my own parents.

8. I’ve always been very jealous when it came to my boyfriends. Strangely I don’t feel any uneasiness no matter who my husband talks to. I tease him and pretend to be upset sometimes but it’s always lighthearted. I don’t really feel any jealousy or insecurity about him.

I tag: Haleem, Mystique, SK, Specs, Boba!

Ramadan Kareem everyone!!!!



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14 responses to “Weirdness Unleashed

  1. TWELVE??! sneezes…someone must have been thinking about you a hell of a lot 🙂

  2. Yay, thanks for the tag. 🙂

    5- *Shudder* I am like, the most clutterless person ever. Just reading this is giving me those spine chills!

  3. My most weird thing would be my insistence that my DVD rack by sorted alphabetically, my car should always be reverse parked in (God knows you may need to escape!), tea a MUST in the morning, and never deleting a single picture I take.

    Let’s not even talk about clutter! 😛

  4. Ramadan Kareem to you too: )

  5. btw how did it feel like after sneezing 12 times all in one go??

  6. @Boba: yup. this happen in college during a physics lecture. my classmates were always counting when i sneezed. everyone thought it was hilarious 🙂

    @Specs: i can see you and R getting along just great! freaks!

    @Haleem: okay, i haven’t checked your blog yet, but i hope you didn’t think you’d get away by just posting a comment. you have to do a weird things post!

    @An ILLuS|On: wow i have been missing for long! it’s almost Eid!!!
    how did it feel? i felt well..breathless!! and after that i couldn’t stop laughing!! 😀

  7. zaina786

    love ur hair girly xx

  8. silentmantra

    heyyyyyy!!! u tagged me – minus the linku – so i had no clue abt it earlier. thanx for the thot – but unfortunately i wont be able to do it…laziness, reluctance, not in the mood…dunno…i guess the blogger in me has actually died 😦

  9. silentmantra

    btw,,,just curious – why’s my blog under 1356?? is that some exclusive category or what? 😛

  10. @zaina: thanks! but really, WHERE ARE YOU!!! i know i’m not really in a position to ask this coz i don’t make enough time to blog/blog surf anymore…but you are definitely the most difficult person to keep track of!!!

    @An ILLuS|On: you’re really cornering me!! lol

    @silentmantra: you must do it. you don’t have a choice. you have been tagged lady and you better come through or you’ll be wearing tagged clothes forever! and then you will be doomed in the fashion industry! *okay okay i know that’s really lame*
    1356?? hhaiinnn? yeh kya hai?! i didn’t do that!!!!!!!! i’ll sort it out now! how did that happeennnn!?

  11. silentmantra

    naaaa jani i think i’ll pass this one….those matter already know the way i am. waisey, i ws never a fan of the fashion industry! 😛
    and u havent fixed it yet….and i appear twice now! hhahaha! i swear im not doing anything!:P

  12. I’ve fixed it. Pheewwwww!

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