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Weirdness Unleashed

I think this is my first ever tag. I suppose I should thank TFL 😀 So here goes my weird list!!!

1. I can sneeze multiple times without break. Mostly it’s 3-5 at once, but I’ve done about 12 sneezes at a stretch. It sounds really funny.

2. I’ve scared 2 dogs off when I was a teen at the Terry Fox Run. I don’t think I’ve ever screamed that loud. After that though my friend left me with a Doberman and I’ve been cured of my fear (which btw wasn’t unfounded! A big ugly dog bit my skirt once and kept a firm hold at it while I ran. It was freaky.)

3. I’m an animal person. I’ve had 8 cats till date (including the one I just talked my hubby into 😀 Still have to blog about her!). We used to keep giving them off for some reason or the other (mostly my brother’s allergies) but I always managed to talk my dad into getting a buying one or rescuing them. I’ve had cats, fishes, turtles, hamsters, guinea pigs and a canary. I would love to have a doggy but my parents would definitely disown me.

4. I have been a hajbi several times in my life. Mostly at my parents insistence but that’s not an excuse to take it off I suppose. I can manage it for a while but I end up taking it off. I used to wear it before I got married but I can’t do it anymore. It frustrates me. I know I did it coz my parents didn’t leave me a choice but I wish someday I could do it on my own. Permanently.

5. I’m a clutter freak. I can’t throw something out for the life of me. Somehow I attach meaning and emotion to everything I own. I find it really difficult to give things off too. What’s mine is mine. And it stays that way.

6. If I buy something that is intended to be a gift to someone and I don’t manage to give it to them for some reason I still can’t ever use it or give it to someone else.

7. Deep down inside I am a very insecure person. I need constant reassurance about being loved. Even from my own parents.

8. I’ve always been very jealous when it came to my boyfriends. Strangely I don’t feel any uneasiness no matter who my husband talks to. I tease him and pretend to be upset sometimes but it’s always lighthearted. I don’t really feel any jealousy or insecurity about him.

I tag: Haleem, Mystique, SK, Specs, Boba!

Ramadan Kareem everyone!!!!



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