I tried to upload the wedding pictures. It wouldn’t upload more than two!




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11 responses to “Disclaimer

  1. maybe their size is too large or it has something to do with wordpress!

  2. @ An ILLuS|On: definetly something to do with wordpress coz when i’m drafting it shows it but as soon i say save/publish it disappears! and the resolution isn’t too high either!

  3. TFL

    an easier way is to link them in. upload the pictures, go to the dashboard and find the menu, think its called media, where it shows all your uploads. there will be links there, copy paste them into the post and viola you’re done!

  4. @mindfullofwhys: whaaa?

    @TFL: i’ve tried all of that and viola it’s NOT done! i don’t know how i managed to upload the haircut pics…but this just isn’t working…ke sera sera?

  5. TFL

    then just use photobucket to upload and link the pics from there if you still havent given up! 😛

  6. the what??
    but i DID give up when i posted this post!!
    but what is this photobucket thing you talk about?

  7. skzworldofdreams

    O_O You CAN’T give UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦

  8. misspecs

    What do you mean not more than two… where are those two, i ask you? Where?

    To deprive other Pakistani women of wedding photographs is like, Hai Allah, gunnah!

    *tauba*tauba* touches hands to ears*

  9. @An ILLuS|On: i’m so lost. aahhhhh!!! too much work!!

    @SK: but you’ve already seem ’em! haven’t you?!

    @specs: it’s all 4 that i picked out or none.
    lol at the taubas! you on fb??

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