Look Close

Did any once else notice the fact that the mommy has tits and that her skirt exposes…errrmm…enough said i suppose!!?



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13 responses to “Look Close

  1. hahaha! this is forward-worthy…..

  2. oh yeahhhhh..waqai yaaarrrr!

  3. lol man !!!
    i love ikea .. i actually had lunch there today ❤

  4. @Ms. Pwetty: i practically lived there until a few months back when we were doing our house…i noticed it only recently and i was gob smacked!

  5. ghazalpirzada

    oh God…ur an observant individual i must say 🙂

  6. @ghazalpirzada: not really…if i was i would have noticed it ages ago na? but this drawing still creeps me out!

  7. Thats just strange im sure a grown adult did that! lol

  8. @Mr Organic A: how come your blog is blocked?

  9. i don’t know if any of you noticed the kid in blue shirt. I guess he is looking into cat’s a**, isn’t he?

  10. misspecs

    Oh man.. i just bought a new computer and the old one’s firefox has your password saved in it. (the laptop BROKE, shattered into a million.. er… okay, five or six pieces. So your password is safe…but…er…not accessible any more) I don’t remember what it is, and i can’t find your e-mail address!

    My bad.

    Can i have it again? I promise to be good and not do this again. 😦



  11. Those Swiss people. I’m surprised it didn’t have two mommies of two daddies.

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