jeevai pakistansaare jahan



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31 responses to “Jashan-e-Swatantra

  1. Jeevay Pakistan *Ameen*
    PS:What is the logic of introducing tiranga alongside with our flag? What does swatantra means?

  2. skzworldofdreams

    Illusion: It’s all coming together now anyway, isn’t it? 😦 Sorf flag nahin dekhane se kya hoga?

  3. ayjay

    swatantra= azadi

  4. PsycheD

    tsk tsk….someone shud have ironed the chaand tara first!!! 😛

  5. @An ILLuS|On: i’m Indian and hence the Indian flag. personally I don’t believe in man drawn borders but if there’s two countries i love its these two…oh and dubai coz i’ve lived here all my life…the reason the post is called Jashn-e-Swatantra is because it’s derived from both the Pakistani and Indian way of Independence Day greeting. I did that because I celebrate both days.
    Swatantra means Independence/Azaadi in Hindi. So basically a celebration of freedom is the posts name…just like Jashan-e-Azaadi.

    @SK: Why the 😦

    @ayjay: yup…been trying to post this comment since ages…!

    @PhyscheD: but its waving in the chanchal hawaa! i quite like this pic…!!!!

  6. @SK..yeah indeed you’re right!!

  7. mE

    Independence by having protected posts everywhere

    err? happy independence to you too

  8. TFL

    on a completely unrelated note, go check your mail 😀

  9. xyz

    why the pwd ? what do we do to access the protected posts?

  10. @An ILLuS|On: Hmmmmmmm??

    @mE: and to you 😀

    @TFL: on a completely related note, check your gmail!

    @xyz: there’s a tab the the top of the page called pr0tect!0n? that’ll be of use.

  11. Aisay he yaar:)
    So whaddup ya?

  12. @An ILLuS|On: naahhiiii batao…know since i lived in dubai i’ve never understood why indians and pakis hate each other so much. two of my best friends are paki and i absolutely love them…whats the big deal about?
    sorry if i sound like a prude.

  13. hii.. chk out the response

  14. Oh…well…its ALMOST the same day…so, same to you!! Happy independence Day!

  15. hi….
    i got a mail wid ur password….but i cant seem to recall you…. *blushing*
    would u mind introducing yourself again

  16. I don’t know yara..let me tell you something..i have almost lived my entire life outa Pakistan so i have also seen the hatred & biasness..to be very honest i hate em coz of all the sufferings that our ancestors have seen & gone through..the pain & the miseries which they saw..the wars..the killings..the hatred..it just makes me hate em *hindus*
    You’re an indian maybe you could justify it but no reason seems to justify all this..even now the governments are talking about friendship & except few percentage of the population no one’s giving a damn about it..why coz many of em have lost so much coz of all this & they can’t seem to get over it & many of em don’t coz thats what they’ve been taught to do so..i am one of the former ones..i have seen it..i have felt it & thats why i do so!!

  17. But personally speaking instead of judging a person or talking with em on the basis of their nationalities have never been in my books so tension not..tumnay poocha mainay bata diya & i hope you won’t mind it!!

  18. @ An ILLuS|On: I completely understand your viewpoint. Its not even India and Pakistan…its more like Hinduism and Islam. One of my really close friends is a Hindu and I know that despite how much she loves me and how she accepts my hijab deep down she knows that I’m not the same. That there are things we can’t discuss. That I don’t understand her view and she can never understand mine.
    For me today, I’m Muslim before Indian and so I understand what you feel. But from a nationalist point of view it wasn’t just the Pakistanis that suffered. The Indians did too. All thanks to the British raj and a few of those times who used the adversities to spread hatred. Hard-line Hindus spread hatred amongst other Hindus but to be fair that’s what Hardliners of Islam do too. Just like they used to. They use the common man as a pawn to further their activities and view points hiding behind religion. Enough Muslims and Hindus and many other nationalities died for freedom – but it was not this sort of freedom that they had in mind.

  19. @ An ILLuS|On: And I don’t mind. I understand and respect what you think. I don’t judge anymore based on nationality either. I admit I used to before coz I was the latter who was taught to do so. But today I understand that both countries are responsible. That it’s not about anything but education and weeding out ignorance. There are enough and more ignorant Indians. For me a Pakistani that I can hold a decent conversation without Indo-Pak sparks (sometimes is okay but not always!) is good enough.

    Like I said my best friend is a Paki 🙂 And she means more to me than the rest of the world.

  20. hera*

    Dil dil Pakistan…..!!! Long live my little country 😀

  21. hera*

    And just for you Jummy Bear……..Long live your big country as well…..:D India!

  22. hmm:)
    so when you’re planning to update your blog as its been quite a while you know!

  23. PsycheD

    ummm…..still celebrating jashan-e-azadi kya?????
    pls tell me the incommunicado is coz u got married????
    hope everything’s well at ur end

  24. mE

    so like, do all blogs get writers block when i start visiting them regularly ?

  25. And yeah btw i just read that “protected” stuff..could you email me “my stuff” as i qualify all of your pre-requisites:P

  26. No One

    hi hun…i am back…catch you later…tahh

  27. wherez u?
    long time….

  28. hera*

    Why is there no movement on your blog??? Time to update……..!!! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee we miss your blog!

  29. sorry for going AWOL guys…
    i’m gonna definetly try my best to not do this again.
    love you all

  30. salman

    i like that

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