Abhi Nahi Aana – Sona

Oh man what a KILLER of a song.

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11 responses to “Abhi Nahi Aana – Sona

  1. MAZ

    Awesome Song 😀 who’s the gal btw never saw her before? and yeah thx to comment on my blog 🙂

  2. MAZ

    *For commenting (sorry bout the typo,havent slept in ages!)

  3. @maz: there’s a link to the post about the artist. I didn’t know about her before this song either -but apparently she’s featured in Afterglow by INXS!! Which is amazing coz I love that song too!!
    And no worries about the typo. I’ll be expecting loads more considering all that sleep you’ll be losing day dreaming about F. Congrats!!! 🙂

  4. MAZ

    hahahahah lol thx,sleep i will be loosing from now on but poor F will have no part of it,Have to study at least 16 hours a day for my tests!

  5. sandhya

    im surprised that you guys havent heard her other songs….search for ‘sona bolo na’ & ‘sona aaja ve’ on http://www.youtube.com …im a great fan of her whole album …infact stumbled upon her official website http://www.sonatheartist.com…some good stuff there !!!

  6. jayram

    You have to check her other songs out….absolute killers! Bolo Na , Awaz……thanks for putting this up…hadnt seen this video…dumb channels keep playing the same awful stale stuff in any case ….thanks

  7. sandhya & jayram:
    cheers! she is absolutely awesome.

  8. Priya Anna Stephanose

    really owsom song…it conveys the mood of a girl who wants her lover to come after a while so that she could take pleasure in the wait!
    ireally lov da sng..superb lyrics…its really different!! Hattss off sona!

  9. Rush

    Hi it’s such a lovely song..Such a beautiful voice and the guitar adds such melodious flow to the whole song. Can someone tell me the exact meaning of the song?

  10. zily

    thanks vishal for telling me to approach ths beautiful voice…no doubt the music, lyrics n singer…. sab boht khobsorat hy

  11. bubbly

    abe yaar !!! kya gazab gana hai….ek dum mast hai….just feel it ……… superb…. I have never given a thought like this before…

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