A Year Ago I Said…

A whole year of Blogging! Eggzelent stuff!



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4 responses to “A Year Ago I Said…

  1. Mugen

    Happy BlogDay !!!!

    Sorry for yet another Mugen time lapse!

  2. Faisal

    I was waiting for this, i knew it was sometime now…
    Happy Birthday Jummyland!
    Here’s to lots more years of blogging.

    Best wishes

  3. amistillyourprincess?!

    ’cause everythings gonna be alright,everythings gonna be alright’ (sing it!)

  4. jummy bear

    amistillyourprincess?! @9:44 pm:

    You are still my princess…
    But since your performance has been more than exceptional since your joining our organization you are being promoted w.i.e.

    Your new title will be: The Mistress of Darkness.

    We at jummyland are sure you will do complete justic to your new title. After all this position has been created just for you!


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