You Know Your A True Gulf Expat When…

  • Life seems difficult without tissue paper.
  • You accept a donkey for a boss.
  • Your counterpart gets twice your salary and thrice your perks for the colour of his skin.
  • You have a plumber from Britain coming in as a Plumbing Engineer, a Science graduate from Egypt as a Doctor and a post-graduate from India as your Office Boy.
  • You put on the air conditioner to full chill, pull three thick blankets and go to sleep.
  • Going to a super market becomes a social event and window shopping is the only past time.
  • You enjoy camping in the sand.
  • You think everyone’s first name is Al.
  • You think black is appropriate day time wear.
  • You know which end of a shawarma to unwrap first.
  • You give directions by landmarks instead of road names.
  • You think all gas stations are made of marble.
  • You can receive every television station except the local station.
  • You get used to using the cold water tap to get hot water during summer.
  • You can’t buy anything without asking for a discount.
  • You understand that ‘wadi-bashing’ isn’t a criminal act.
  • You send friends a map instead of your address.

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One response to “You Know Your A True Gulf Expat When…

  1. Well wisher

    How true !

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