World Cup Eye Candy

I had kept this aside from the June 2006 edition of What’s On magazine to post but some how didn’t come around to getting it done. The reason I loved it was coz its witty description on Becks. Read on…

David Beckham (England)
He looks best shirtless and somehow gets away with berserk barnets, wearing skirts and painting his nails. Sadly, his squeaky-clean public image as a devoted husband to the bony Victoria Beckham and loving father to three appallingly named sons took a battering after rumors of tawdry affairs hit the UK tabloids. And whenever he speaks, he sounds like a six-year-old. But as long as her keeps quite and resists the need to share what passes for his thoughts with the world, he will have legions of female admirers.

Frank Lampard (England)
England’s 2005 Player of the Year has a fine football pedigree as the son of West Ham legend Frank Lampard Senior, nephew of England international Harry Redknapp and cousin to Jamie Oedkapp, who is more famous for marrying pop singer Louise Nurding than getting 17 caps for his country. In terms of being an object of lust and desire, foxy Frank is more dark and rugged than Becks – but still cuts a fine metrosexual figure when he ditches the Chelsea kit for a suit. After he learnt Spanish, rumors abounded that he will abandon Chelsea for Spain’s Primera Liga, but he claims that he just wanted his daughter to be bi-lingual. A cunning linguist indeed.

Luis Figo (Portugal)
He swarthy Portuguese midfielder started his career as a teenager with Sporting Lisbon, got himself banned from Italian clubs for two years after signing contracts with both Juventus and Parma, but was saved by Barcelona FC. Controversially, he moved over to Barcelona’s arch-rival Real Madrid in 2000 and a website called was set up for fans to vent their spleen. But there probably weren’t many ladies logging on to give Figo a serve. Most recently, he upped his sex appeal stakes even further by buying into into the A1 Grand Prix Team Portugal where he will be team boss and no doubt enjoy the trackside social scene as much as the speed. A man to burn rubber with, for sure…

Thierry Henry (France)
Tall, dark, handsome and super-cool, the sexy strikr has a teputation for speed on the field but is thus far free of the scandals of the fast-woman-and-class-A-drugs variety off the field. He first caught attention of the football public as a prodigious 17-year-old playing for Monaco. These days, he plays for English club Arsenal when he’s not representing his native France. Female fans will be disappointed to learn he is married to British model Nicole Merry. He met her while filming a Renault Clio (A Clio? What kind of car is that for a football hero?) advertising campaign in which she played his fiancée and they have been making merry ever since.

Francesco Totti (Italy)
This beautiful, chisel-chinned man is, predictably married to a stunning blone TV ‘personality’. And the appropriately named Totti melted the heartstrings of even more female fans in 2003 when he became a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, dedicating his appointment to “all the children suffering because of conflict all over the world.” So he’s gorgeous, athletic and, it would appear, an all round good guy too. Well except for the small matter of spitting in the face of Danish player Christian Poulsen in 2004. good to see he’s not perfect then. He probably wears socks to bed and leaves the loo seat up too.


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