How To Be An American For A Day :P

Take every opportunity today, to receive any good news with a hearty and mighty ‘whooooo-yea’. Anything is whoop-able in America, from just noticing it’s time for lunch to winning a luxury holiday. So, if you begin to find the all-day-long whooping a bit much on your vocal cords, simply switch to a couple of high-five’s, which are equally as popular.

Please patronise complete strangers all day long with the sing-songy American catch-phrase ‘have a nice day.’ Don’t hold back either – the phrase can and is used for absolutely every situation imaginable. Only when a fist makes contact with your face should you tone it down a notch.

Invade as many places as you can today. Invading the fridge is an old American favourite, but why stop there when you can invade other places too. Get creative – call around to a friend’s house uninvited or muscle your way into a private conversation.

Act as though you have absolutely no idea of geography – showing the lack of entry stamps and your newly acquired first passport is usually a good back-up.

Source: 7days


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