Robber Romeo

27 June 2006

A man who fell in love with a prostitute and tried to steal her passport for her has been jailed for a year. The 21 year old Russian man, identified as MB, met 20 year old ZA, also a Russian, and fell in love with her, the Dubai Court of First Instance heard.

ZA told MB that she needed her passport back from her sponsor so she could travel, and persuaded him to break into the villa in March. MB sneaked in and stole the passport and some valuables, but the woman noticed the robbery a few minutes later when she returned home to find her wardrobe open. Police arrested MB who confessed to the robbery, saying her couldn’t say no to her.

Hmm…now me is wondering if the sponsor of the prostitute was arrested. Surely prostitution is the bigger problem here isn’t it? Don’t we keep reading how they want to track down and tear down the prostitution circuit that is rapidly growing? She was served on a plate! Prolly didn’t. Them is full of shite.


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