Make Some Noise. Wear The Tag.


That’s what I’m wearing…what are you wearing?



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4 responses to “Make Some Noise. Wear The Tag.

  1. Disconnected

    Making a Noise !!!!
    Not Wearing the Tag


    Cause maybe we should start teaching humans to care about their fellow beings, without the requirement of an accessory to remind them!!!!

    But since that ain’t happening anytime soon… or ever .. I guess … Tag It!!

  2. Anonymous

    Are you Avril Lavinge?

  3. jummy bear

    Shhuuussshhhhhhh! Don’t blow me cover 😛

    Are you really called Anonymous or do you have a really embarrasing name 😛

  4. Jessica Simpson

    Actually Im Jessica ,and since we’re competitors I just wanted to check out what you’re up to , so i can steal your ideas.

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