Mischievous Pixie

I was listening to the radio just a while back on my way home and there was a request show on. Well the RJ was infuriated apparently at anonymous requests and threatened to read out on air the telephone number of the next person who messaged anonymously.

I have no idea what came over me and I just laughed and texted back my request and said “You can give my number 😀 I’m in a good mood”. Well she did!!!! She says this goes out to an anonymous someone who is in a good mood and doesn’t mind me giving his number out. And then she reads my number out at high speed (She probably isn’t allowed to or something). It was hilarious. Got a couple of calls even. She had read my number out so swiftly I’m surprised anyone caught it even!!! Like people were sitting by their phones for someone to do something stupid like this…!

But something occurred to me then. She just assumed I was a guy!!! Obliviously I messaged her telling her I wasn’t but I thought it was really amusing how a mischievous thing is just automatically attributed to a guy…Unfair…

It’s not just guys who do stupid things. We girls get a little mischievous from time to time too. We are devious though maybe not to such a large extent…

But its fun to break out from the expected customary behavior from time to time…


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One response to “Mischievous Pixie

  1. DoH!!

    651…. blast it!!! no.. no.. 615 … DoH!! 516 … sumthin…

    Aight all you people who actually got the number correct and called, I’d like to Congratulate You On Winning A Free Lifetime Supply of “DIY: HOW TO BE BIGGEST LOSERS IN DA UNIVERSE!!!” The Complete Special Edition Boxset


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