Lurpak Means Butter to Me

Not anymore now. You know how you use generic terms for things even though they have a name. Like “Kleenex” for tissue paper, “Band Aid” for bandages “Lipton” for tea. Even my granny refers to vaccuuming as “Hoovering” (from Hoover ofcourse, the company that invented the dust buster).

And even though all these things have been major contenders in shaping my life and me being what I am today, I can safely say without regret; I will make sure that my offspring never touches anything with a “Made in Denmark” stamp, despite knowing that they will grow up without, possibly, some of the best things in the world. Lego, Kinder and Danish pastry – I will miss you, but not enough to forget and overlook where you came from, I know it is not your fault that you have been blemished by the thoughtless acts of your countrymen but I will have to banish you.

Dear Mr.Danish president, maybe you should stop fretting about the enemies you have made and worry about the friends you have lost.



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2 responses to “Lurpak Means Butter to Me

  1. Anonymous

    Im with you.

  2. Utterly Butterly Delicious..

    Don’t you just love stereotyping,
    oh its bad when done to you, but amazingly justified when its someone else.
    The Danish people or their products for that matter should’nt be the ones to suffer, why is it everyone so bloodthirsty for a scape-goat, that instead of going after the main culprits “cartoonist + editor”, why… thats just too vague, no.. no.. we need something big.. more recognisible like the whole country, its products and its people (its people ???, hmm lets see boycott its products, no income, company goes hmm.., jobs go “poof”, families broken …”posibly a muslim family??” but then why take the trouble to think about your fellow innocent human being, when its so much easier hating them without thinking… oh wait.. does this sound familiar?? Running parallel with low-iq islam hating wankers?
    “leave the answer to you”

    Will I ever look at the cartoons, buy them, support them, justify them or frame them! No friggin way!

    Kick the arsewipe cartoonist? Yup!

    Butter my bread with Lurpak .. You Betcha! “but me partial to Amul neways”

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