Why do I keep having the same thoughts?
Why do I keep asking you why?
Why doesn’t it just sink in?
Why is it impossible to say goodbye?

Why are you not able to see?
Why did you have to change?
Why is it that you moved on so fast?
Why is it that you never looked back?

Why did you never understand me?
Why did I always believe?
Why can’t I be aloof like you?
Why is the hurt so real?

Why do you blame me when you know that it isn’t my fault?
Why don’t you even try to hear me when I speak?
Why are you the first thought when I wake up?
Why doesn’t the stabbing pain go away?



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9 responses to “Why’s

  1. Faisal

    Repeating a previous message that you may not have seen:

    Sometimes, things happen, and you a derive pain from them.

    But when you look at the event in hindsight you realise that a little pain now is a small price to pay for the assurance that you will not have to suffer more in the future at the hands of one person.
    You’re better of this way.

    And you deserve much better than this.
    Just wait for the hindsight and you will be having the last laugh.

    Keep smiling.

  2. jummy bear

    I did read it…

  3. Faisal

    Well, hope it helps, and hope you start to feel better soon.
    I know how you are feeling. Its horrid, but believe me, it does go away eventually. Just keep it in mind, and it will bring you comfort.

  4. jummy bear

    Hmm well thanks I guess. Lets see how it goes.

  5. Dirty Dan

    Thats deeeeeep!

  6. rashi

    happens! 😛

    it will go slowly.
    just dn t cling on to it!

  7. jummy bear

    Are you mocking me Dan?

  8. Dirty Dan

    NO i’m not jummy. been there myself and i know how it feels mate. Be strong, don’t start enjoying the pain cuz it aint gonna do you any favours. it will hurt, remember that and don’t be surprised why it hurts so much, but every day remind yourself that you’re getting one step closer to feeling better again. it won’t feel like that, but trust me it is like that.

  9. jummy bear

    Hmmm. Pearls of wisdom. Easier said than done. But not impossible.

    My state is pathetic, I keep trying but get no where.

    But I’ll hang in there until I succeed…

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