Did I Ever Know You?

The question haunts me. Every waking minute I wonder. How long does it take to know someone?

I try my best to make you understand because I think you want to be talked to. You don’t.
I try to think it really was a mistake and you will mend your ways. You won’t.
I try to tell you that things will be alright if we try. You don’t want to.
I think maybe I know you…I don’t. But did I ever?

Am I really that bad a judge of character? How did I get you all wrong? Why do I still believe in the you that I thought I knew? Did I take you for face value only? Did I assume that I am of highest importance in your life because you said so? I think I did because I am not of any consequence to you. Like you quoted often from Under Siege 2 “Assumption is the mother of all f**k ups”. Guess that is why I’m here today.

Instead of doing what your doing now you should have pushed me off a cliff.

How long before I can get some proper sleep? How long before I realize that it wasn’t real? How long before the nightmares stop? How long before the regret fades?

Very long from the looks of it.

Will you be back before its too long? Could I be so wrong about you? Please tell me I wasn’t. Please.


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