What’s the point?

No point what so ever. There is NO point in talking to people who have blocked their brains and have already decided that they alone are right and everyone else around them are twits. They themselves are in fact the twits.

A college professor once called him a hinder learner. It’s someone who argues for no reason and finds something to retaliate about even when in fact there is nothing to argue about. A fact will remain a fact no matter how much you deny it or how much you argue about it. Basically being a hindrance to their own learning process.

Sigh. Knowing all these things I keep wasting my breath, time, energy, tears, and an unlimited number of things. I’m getting tired. Weary. Fatigued even. How can you show someone the truth if they have shut their eyes tightly and adamantly shut? You can’t.

It’s all really sad. I’m grieved by the death of a long held dream.

No. My dream is still very much alive. I wont let it die for a twit.

I don’t know why I don’t ever lose hope? Wow I’m worse than shit on a woolen blanket.

I’ll just wait till he opens his eyes.

He will someday. I’ll be here if I can help it.


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