Thali Time

22 years and I have now officially had my first Thali meal only today. Being Indian not having tried a Thali yet is quite something. Nothing to be proud of though and definitely not an accomplishment. For all those who are non-Indian and/or are unfamiliar with the term a Thali simply and accurately put is a large platter on which various vegetables are served in small bowls along with chappati (Indian bread) and plain rice. Along with that you get a dessert and butter milk. I hear there is are non-vegetarian Thali’s too…

So basically it’s the best of everything right there in one big plate in front of you for you to mix and match and eat as you prefer!!! And you get as many top-ups as you like! Best of everything that too unlimited!!!! My mind and tummy were in baffled! What else could a girl(woman???) ask for? (Plenty :D) Which one do I attack first!?!?!?! Dilemma!!!!!!! I went for the potatoes since that’s always a safe bet.

The place we went to was small and dingy and under normal circumstances I would be extremely apprehensive and probably wouldn’t even venture inside but I was with colleagues who lunch there often and I had been warned before hand. A new experience. It was almost like the little restaurants I have seen in Bomaby. Hmmm…

Note to self: Must try Thali at any restaurant that has it on the menu. If I liked this one (which btw wasn’t all that great since I liked only 3 of the 5 veggies served and that too not that much…I was just really hungry…which btw is my state of existence 75% of the time) I wonder what pleasures await me elsewhere.

2nd note to self: Never go with idiots. The guys I went with had a whole lot of fun at my expense. They kept asking the waiter to top up my potatoes every five seconds!!! It was quite embarrassing, funny yet embarrassing. I’m sure the waiter will recognize me if he ever sees me walking down the streets!



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2 responses to “Thali Time

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  2. ImTiAz

    i wud like to share this experience with all of them who visits this blog (if there are any visitors). today i went to the same place to have a Thali & guess what the waiter asked me “Woh Aloo wali Madam Kidar Hai” I cudn’t control myself, i laughed like i was about to die laughing!! so its high time for u to change ur blog name from jummy land to “Aloo Wali”. hah ahaha ha

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