Black Out

There are a million things I think of to write every single day. When I’m alone, with friends, family…there are so many things that I feel I want to address here. Important things. Things I can passionately debate upon. Well a one sided debate anyways.

Then when I sit down to doing it…Black Out. Complete and total Black Out.

Also sometimes I feel like maybe what I have to say could be too political. Or too real. And may hit too hard…But I’m trying to overcome that little voice in my head. I should write soon enough I hope. But these are things you discuss with friends. It’s very different putting it down in writing. Scary even.

Sucks not to have internet access at work though. If I had that, atleast I could leave half my thoughts as drafts and then work on them later…sucky rules.

Did a slumber at a friends last night. After a reallly long time. We spent the whole evening together at the beach ‘just talking’ and the same the rest of the night after a nice dinner. It was awesome. Been so long since we’ve done this…

It’s funny how we have the same problems half the time. Most of them insignificant and things that we have little control over. But it’s certainly takes a load of your shoulders and mind talking to someone about it. Especially when you know that they can relate to it. And they truely understand and feel what your saying…

My sweetheart (dahling :P) I love you. I still remember the first time we ‘really’ sat down and talked. Remember how freakishly alike we discovered ourselves to be??? 🙂 Sweet Memories. Love you.

Btw everyone (assuming atleast more than 1 person reads this blog) this blog is soon going to be a partnership. More like a collaboration. Soon.

More on that later. Tootles.


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