Just a little thought

Alone without you…
Do you think of me too?

Cherished you deeply…
and truely cared…

Here waiting for ages…
If you’d only bothered to look….

How long I’ll survive this?
I know not…



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12 responses to “Just a little thought

  1. Faisal

    Do i know you?

  2. jummy bear

    Does my ‘little thought’ sound familiar to you?

    Maybe we got lost in the kumbh ka mela!!!!

  3. dead and buried

    Deep, real deep also realllllllyyy touching but taking into consideration that this is how you really feel right about now i will reserve my actual comments for later. I dont know how long you’ve been going through what you are going through but it doesnt get any better if you wont let it. By that i mean if you dwell on it you will probably miss out on whats going on around you. Obviously i dont mean to date the first person that feigns interest, but if you disregard them sooner or later it will be added to your regrets. But keeping this in mind that these are my opinions which you have to take no heed to, this is just for your reading pleasure. But you have to let people know their important to you other then the the one you’re writing these poems for, but you also have to make sure that they dont take advantage of you or vice versa, but judging from your poems so far i think you figured that out already. Id probably delete all that ive written but ive come too far. And by the way faisal you are beyond the shadow of a doubt a moron, you just posed a question to a blog nickname, its not even a line that is used anymore to pick up women in a bar. And please dont respond back to this comment faisal.
    Till next time In Love hope you in an improving state in your life.

  4. Faisal

    How come you left that message on my blog?

  5. Faisal

    I’m just curious because I think you may be linked to someone I know.

  6. jummy bear

    How come I left that message on your blog?

    Coz I’m not going to stand by and watch while someone (whoever it may be) berates my best buddy!

    That’s why.

  7. jummy bear

    To Dead and Buried:

    I’m using the line that isn’t even used to pick up women at a bar anymore…


    Yea I know I’m a moron too now coz I too have posted a question to a blog nickname… 😀 So sue me.

  8. Faisal

    And yes your “little thought” does sound familiar

  9. Faisal

    I think I have just been censured….?

  10. jummy bear


    Yes you have. If you noticed I removed a comment of mine too.

    So it’s alright. Be careful on what you say on a public blog.

    Btw how come you din’t mind this Dead and Buried calling you a moron?

  11. Faisal

    Why would i ever care about a comment from a guy who calls himself dead and buried?

  12. jummy bear

    True @ 10:31 but I’d wonder who it was atleast.

    I’m wondering about it now…

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