What is love…?

Yes I know I’m writing to much about love. Can’t help myself.

I am currently reading a very interesting article in the February 2006 edition of National Geographic that revolves around love. Or what love is scientifically so to say. The book was leant to me by a colleague who is a stringent non believer of love from what I gather.

The article that stretches to several pages is definitetly worth a read. So many things in the article make sense but I stay firm in my belief in love as I previously was. Whatever the reactions and chemicals that cause it be.

An interesting fact however is that the studies deduce is that “Love and obsessive-compulsive disorder could have a similar chemical profile”. It’s scary to think that love and a mental illness maybe difficult to tell apart!!!!!

I’m sure it doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone who already knows me 😉

More on the article later…


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