I’m Wondering Aloud – Jummy Bear

This loneliness inside of me,
Just won’t go away,
Can someone explain,
Why are things this way?

Does he think of me?
Does he care?
Does he miss me as I miss him?
Is he pretending to be unaware?

Nothing will ever be better this way,
Can he not see?
I’m wondering aloud,
Will I ever be freed?

He says it cannot be,
I fail to see his reason,
If we can forgive and forget,
We can be together every season.

I wish he thinks of me,
I wish he does really care,
I wish he misses me as I miss him,
I hope he is aware.

I love him today,
I always will,
I just want him to know,
Because this emptiness only he can fill.

Nothing will ever be better this way,
Can he not see?
I’m wondering aloud,
Will I ever be freed?



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10 responses to “I’m Wondering Aloud – Jummy Bear

  1. Anonymous

    the poem is good and simple..
    just try not to think what he is going to think about u… thats going to hurt u the most…
    its better that u keep writing and carry on with ur life…

  2. The inzignificant one

    Now Im Depressed, im depressed about most things but this has got me more depressed than i ive ever thought my depression level could reach. Well done, this is some poem im not kidding really this is xtraordinarily depressing and im depressed most of the time.

  3. armchair_revolutionary

    Its good
    See, I didnt even laugh this time.

  4. jummy bear

    Yeah sure you din’t.

  5. Faisal

    Maybe he does think of you non stop.
    Maybe you are on his mind all the time.
    Maybe you misunderstand him.
    Maybe words will never be able to explain how he feels.
    Maybe he never knew that you love him too, because you didn’t make him understand.

    Maybe you are two people just waiting for each other, while standing face to face.

  6. armchair_revolutionary

    No he isnt @11.52pm

    He’s a lying deceitful sneaky slimy bastard who deserves to be castrated.

  7. jummy bear

    Amen to that!

    The armchair_revolutionary has started a new revolution!!

  8. jummy bear

    Btw faisal I hope to God your right.

  9. Faisal

    Maybe you should do something about it then, and show him how you feel.

  10. jummy bear

    That’s what I’m trying to do!!!

    But he doesn’t want to know. He’s moved on…Or so he makes me believe.

    But like its obvious I’ll die trying! I’m not one who gives up easily as you can see.

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