First Time Around

I was having a discussion with a friend recently about poems and lyrics and he insisted that it wasn’t that difficult. So I thought I’d give it a shot…

So I did. Wondering Aloud is my own compilation!!! Please please let me know I how badly I did. On second thoughts don’t! Just tell me it was an ok first attempt so that I can try to improve instead of giving it up all together!!!

Lol. O yea the season’s line is corny but thats the only thing that rhymed and expressed what I had to say!!!!! Stop laughing at my corny feelings coz they are true and from the heart. It’s called love you know. Does weird things to generally sane people.

Well I’m saturated with all this expression of feelings.

But happy that maybe I’ll be heard. Maybe he will save me??

Until later!



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4 responses to “First Time Around

  1. Dead and Buried

    Sounds like you cant let go of someone that thinks otherwise, still it takes some level of courage to go all out leaving yourself open (possibly – hopefully never) to get hurt again. But here’s hoping that you find or get what you’re looking for in and out of life. Btw look for the typos in this line of your intro poem, “And I ‘breathe’ you into my heart and pray for the ‘strength’ to stand today” This was actually a response to your poem at the top but i couldnt find anywhere to comment about it. Anyway it sounds like you have a lot to say about your feelings and this is really riveting stuff by the way and i mean this in the best way possible, but i hope you stop writing about the miserable parts of your life soon.

  2. jummy bear

    Dead and Buried? I have NO idea who this could be…so my conclusion isssssss —> My blog is becoming faaamooouuuuusssss!!!

    Muuaaahhhhaaahhhaaaa *evil laughter*

    Who’da thunk it?!

    Any-who whoever you are is besides the point, thanks for actually reading (you’re probably the only one since no one else noticed) and taking time out to point out my typos! Much obliged.

    Also I’ll stop writing about my miserable life (there aren’t parts of it that are miserable…right now it’s everything) as soon as it gets better. Thanks for the concern!

    Hope you keep checking!!! 😀

  3. Faisal

    Funny, and I thought romantic women didn’t exist anymore:

  4. jummy bear

    We exist!

    I think. But we are definitely on the verge of extinction.

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